Sendible manage social media at scale. Grow your audience, attract new customers, and reach your social media goals with an all-in-one platform. Sendible makes it easy to effectively engage with your client's audience.

Sendible offers a social media marketing platform with the purpose of allowing small businesses, agencies and individuals to use multiple channels to engage their audience at any moment. With this software, users can track results and measure efforts with effective social media monitoring tools and analytics. Streamline social media management with Sendible.

Sendible offers many supported social media networks such as Google My Business (GMB), Twitter, Instagram, and more. They support blogging platforms and they utilize useful tools and apps such as Google Chrome extensions and Facebook cover photos. Other useful integrations include Canva, Slack, Google Analytics, and more. These integrations and tools allow you to customize and preview posts on each platform. The built-in editor allows you to design new graphics with Canva.

Create social media reports to show off your most engaging content and automatically send your custom reports. Your reports can help you gain insights into your social activity such as combined audience, posts, mentions, and post engagements across all channels. Identify what makes your audience tick by figuring out optimal posting times and your most engaged followers. Sendible’s also offers social media analytics to really show off the performance of your social media strategies by enabling you to determine which social channels and campaigns are driving the most traffic.

Price Range


Entry Level Pricing Plan Creator - $29 / month
Most Popular Pricing Plan Scale - $199 / month
Top Tier Pricing Plans Expansion - $399 / month