Synup can attract more customers & accelerate revenue growth with our all-in-one digital profile management solution, publish highly polished profiles across websites, engage with customers frequently, & win more customers with on-brand marketing.

Synup’s innovative technology powers the data layer for popular services, including Google Search, Facebook, Microsoft's Cortana, Here Maps, Apple's Siri, Whatsapp, and Amazon Alexa. Synup’s platform gives clients a full-fledged location marketing platform without development issues. Sell your digital agency's brand while staying aware of client requirements with Synup's white-labeled solution.

Synup uses the latest technologies to deliver a full-stack location marketing service for its clients on demand. Synup is built to enable brands to take advantage of the rapidly evolving mobile adoption rate. Synup’s technology enables web, app, and device developers with a location marketing platform that does not require development efforts and helps them stay aware of evolving technology and user behavior. Synup has over 300+ unique patents in mobile geo-location technology, machine learning, natural language processing, and search and is an enterprise-level platform for location marketing with enterprise-level pricing.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are two of the most important emerging technologies of the 21st century. Synup is built to enable brands to take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning without development efforts. Synup offers its clients location capabilities based on predictive analytics, which powers its three core products – - Search, Marketing, and CRM. The firm’s technology uses big data analytics and machine learning as it makes predictions about user behavior by analyzing search queries, user locations, interests/books/movies/etc., time spent at a place, and how often an individual returns to a place over time.

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