What is White Label

what is white label

What is White Label and/or Private Label?

The terms white label and private label are often used interchangeably (incorrectly). White labeling is when a product or service removes their brand and logo from the end product and instead uses the branding requested by the purchaser.

For example, if you go to a grocery store such as Walmart, you’ll notice that you can buy all sorts of products sold under the Great Value brand. Does this mean that Walmart is producing all of those products? No way! They have various companies that already provide those products and are willing to put them in Great Value packaging instead of their own on Walmart’s behalf.

So when you go to Walmart and pick up a Great Value product, take a look around. The brand providing the white labeled Great Value product could also have the product sitting on the same shelf in its own packaging at a higher price. The white label meaning by some is used differently, to learn the differences between white label and private label read: White Label vs Private Label.

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How Does White Label Digital Marketing Work?

White label digital marketing is quite different than white labeling a product for Walmart, that’s for sure! In the digital world, white labeling is when your company purchases a white label company’s services and presents them to the customer under your brand name. It’s not like the customer is picking up a product, putting it into their shopping cart, and checking out.

How Does White Label/Private Label Digital Marketing Work With That! Company In Particular?

White LabelThat! Company can provide various services on your behalf to your client(s). Our white label digital marketing services include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (White Label SEO and White Lable Local SEO)
  • Pay-per-click Management (White Label PPC/SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (White Lable Social Media Management SMM)
  • Website Design and Development (White Label Web Design)
  • Reputation Management (White Label Reputation Management)
  • White Lable Software Evaluation and Selection
  • White Label Products Evaluation and Selection (Coming Soon)

How Working with That! Company is Different

Some private label firms only do back-end work and have you act as a middleman between them and the customer (that affects your profits, make sure to read about our white label pricing). So That! Company is set up to be (and prefers to be) a front-facing white label digital marketing provider. About eighty percent of our white label partners use us in a front-facing manner, and twenty percent have us only do work on the back-end for them to deliver to the client. We can provide a far better customer experience with the front-facing model where your customer can talk to the professionals working on their marketing campaigns.

Sales Support

When you work with That! Company, we start with you in the sales process. When you have a prospect interested in the various digital marketing services that we’re providing on your behalf, you’ll reach out to your dedicated Digital Marketing Strategist. Our strategist will put together research on the prospect and their top two or three competitors, then have a preliminary conversation with the prospect about their goals and objectives and how we can help them. This entire experience happens under your brand name! They’ll never know that they’re talking with a That! Company representative.

We also provide free sales collateral for you to use. Before we meet with the prospect, we will provide you with a proposal template and contract templates to close the deal. We also provide support with your next meetings to help you close the deal. Once they sign off on the contract to move forward, you can be as involved or uninvolved as you wish to be. Our goal is to lift our partners to fulfill more of the CEO role while we take care of the day-to-day management of clients.

Developing Our Relationship

When we have our first few clients together, you will need to go through the process and understand what the customer experiences. However, after two or three months of developing a relationship with you, we plan to take over the reins so you can focus on your core business and new business generation.

How Do You Operate Under My Brand Name?

You will access our project management system that allows us to communicate with your clients, so all email communication is branded. The reports we send to your clients will have your logo on them. When we talk to the client on the phone, we are also under your brand name.

Direct Call Plan

Our second solution is what’s called a direct call plan. You would purchase a 1-800 number that the customer would know as their services number. Whenever a client wants to call you relating to the services we offer, they would use the services number, and our reception team can see which white label company to answer the phone as. Then we would answer the phone as your company. “Thanks for calling (insert your company name). How can I help you today?”

What are the Advantages of Front Facing vs. Back-End White Label Solutions?

1. Fewer Layers

Have you ever been given the runaround? You hear that the person has to ask another person, then that person has to ask another person to get your answer. You wait a few days for the answer to discover that they still don’t know. This isn’t good for customer experience.

When providing a front-facing service, if the customer asks a technical question related to the marketing campaigns that we’re managing for them, we’re already on the phone to answer for them right at that moment! Less waiting for our customers means better communication and ultimately better results as work is accomplished more quickly.

2. Easily Scalable

It doesn’t matter if you have one client or 5,000 clients. With the front-facing model, you’re able to scale this without bringing in middleman Account Executives to manage communication. The only thing you’ll have to worry about regularly is billing the client!

3. Better Customer Life Time Value (LTV)

Retention of a customer’s business is one of the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) we measure! We have constantly proven when we are front-facing with a client that we can retain their business a lot longer! Our average retention rate is measured in years, compared to the industry standard of only holding on to a client for months. As of the writing of this article, our average client sticks with us for three and a half years. Of course, we have plenty of clients that are with us a lot longer and some clients that only stick for two months, but our high average is the key to our and your success.

4. You Get to Focus on What You’re Good At

Whether you’re good at SEO and want us to take care of the other services, or you’re a traditional agency that needs a digital partner, or you’re simply a sales organization that wants a partner they can believe in, you get to focus on what you’re good at, and leave the day to day management of the services we’re providing on your behalf to us.

So what are you waiting for? Want to learn more about our white label and private label digital marketing solutions? Fill out a form, and we’ll start a conversation today!