White Label FAQ

THAT! Company is Just a Better Partner. Here’s Why:

What is White Label?

White Label FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

The Question: Where do your competitors rank against THAT! Company on the Internet?

THAT! Answer: They rank below us. It is likely that you began with a search and are now reading this because of our ranking position. Since we rank above other companies offering partnership or private label opportunities, we inherently have demonstrated our capabilities. Our partners can be confident in the results we achieve for their clients because of the results we garner for our own company.

The Question: How big is THAT! Company?

THAT! Answer: We are constantly growing so this static web page may become out of date quicker than one might think. As of late 2014 we have more than 30 in-house employees, each trained and mandated to continue professional development in their areas of expertise. No “one-man gigs” here. We have a full-service and educated staff.

The Question: Does THAT! Company offer comprehensive services?

THAT! Answer: Yes, we offer full digital services. We do not concentrate on one specific discipline, such as SEO only, because this opens the door to competitive strikes against our partners’ clients. If a partner’s client needs to execute a multi-service approach to their Internet marketing, the agency may lose that client to a competitor that offers all services. In this manner, THAT! Company helps protect our partners’ clients from this threat. THAT! Company offers SEO, PPC, SMM, coding/programming, and ad agency services, if desired, or if additional resources are needed.

The Question: What awards or achievements has THAT! Company received?

THAT! Answer: We have achieved ALL of the below notable recognitions in our respective disciplines and our home State of Florida. While some may view awards as “fluff,” we believe they offer credibility to each of our divisions. It shows that we are at the top of our game, and that our accolades speak to our results:

  • Inc. 500 list of Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in the U.S. (2011)
  • Governor’s 2011 Entrepreneur Company of the Year for the State of Florida
  • 2011 Florida Company to Watch
  • Addy Awards for graphic design, web design, & interactive applications
  • FPRA Image Awards for our public relations work
  • CEO and Founder named 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year and Ernst & Young finalist.
  • National Communitas Award winner for corporate commitment to non-profits
  • CEO acceptance into Leadership Florida
  • PPC members all Google Master Certified
  • 2013 winner of two MarCom awards at the Gold level

The Question: Do your partners receive sales support?

THAT! Answer: Yes. Our trained and experienced sales staff is dedicated to growing the bottom line of our partner companies. We know how to best sell these services so we’re more than happy to represent your company in the sales process as well. We conduct our presentations and client meetings via conference call and webinar. We also take the time to educate our partners in all aspects of online marketing so that they can more effectively understand the digital landscape and how it should be utilized in today’s world of mixed media marketing to create measurable ROI and results for all clients.

The Question: Will THAT! Company “poach” clients from partners?

THAT! Answer: No. Absolutely not. We have no interest or desire to take any client away from one of our partners. In many partner arrangements, the client is unaware of THAT! Company’s presence.

The Question: Does THAT! Company refer prospective clients back to their partners?

THAT! Answer: Yes, THAT! Company tries to refer clients back to our partners for their core agency services. When we receive a lead, we will send that information to one of our partners in that geography or vertical. Further, because we are so awesome at PPC, we have the ability to ramp up a PPC campaign for a partner who is executing high volume digital business with us in order to generate leads/prospective clients for them. We call it our “Mutual Feeding Machine.”

The Question: Do you provide after-hours support in the event of a client urgent need or emergency?

THAT! Answer: THAT! Company strives to provide this in the event of a major client “disaster.” We also provide custom Service Level Agreements (SLA) for our larger partners.

The Question: Who is the primary contact for THAT! Company partners?

THAT! Answer: Our Strategic Alliances Division has a dedicated Division Director whose sole role is to problem solve and provide solutions for our partner companies. Unlike most Internet marketing companies, we understand the needs and operations of traditional advertising agencies. THAT! Company’s Strategic Alliance Director provides direct partner support.

The Question: Does THAT! Company provide custom solutions for partners?

THAT! Answer: Yes, we provide custom solutions or options to fit the needs of each partner and their respective business models. Packaged solutions do not always meet the goals of a particular partner or provide the solution(s) needed to generate a successful revenue stream or please the partners’ clients.

The Question: Does THAT! Company offer strong and competitive commissions and/or volume percentage return to your partners?

THAT! Answer: Yes, THAT! Company’s commissions and percentage discounts are among the highest in the industry.

The Question: Does THAT! Company offer a strong history of providing private label and partner services?

THAT! Answer: Yes. THAT! Company has long been providing private label services to many well known brands in the PPC and SEO industries. The “kinks” have been worked out of our programs. Fun fact: 50% of our new business in 2014 is white labeled.

The Question: Does THAT! Company offer an accounting department that will work with each partner to identify best practices for billing, invoicing and payment?

THAT! Answer: Paperwork and billing is often the bane of companies and the thought of adding additional services to maintain can be daunting. We have the ability to provide these services, if desired.

The Question: How many THAT! staff members work on a partner account?

THAT! Answer: We may offer a team approach to providing services. THAT! Company is large enough that in the event of holidays, vacations or illness, client work does not grind to a halt. We provide each client with a team of qualified professionals who are always intimately familiar with each account.

The Question: Does THAT! Company outsource work overseas?

THAT! Answer: No, we do not outsource any component of our work. Each of our processes is performed in-house by THAT! Company staff members, from copy writing to PPC ad design to SEO back linking. We are meant to be an outsource/white label provider. The buck stops here.

The Question: Does THAT! Company understand the difference between Internet marketing for B2B vs. B2C?

THAT! Answer: Yes we do. This is actually a very important question, as there are critical differences between Internet marketing strategies for B2B and B2C. Internet marketing tools must be adjusted according to the goals and objectives of B2B and B2C. “One size fits all” does not work when it comes to PPC, social media, and SEO. THAT! Company develops an understanding of a client’s business model, then creates a Strategic Internet Marketing Plan for every client.

The Question: Does THAT! Company have solid relationships with the major search engines?

THAT! Answer: Yes. THAT! Company is large enough to be recognized by and respected within the major search engine companies. We have support teams that provide ongoing training for our employees, as well as support for resolving client issues.

The Question: What effect does social media have on SEO?

THAT! Answer: It has a tremendous effect. With Google and other search engines taking social media links and interactions more and more into account, and giving them greater weight in their algorithms, no business today can afford to ignore the social side. At That! Company, we educate our clients on the effects of social media, and actively use them in our SEO processes. Our SEO division works in concert with our social media division to understand and proactively stay ahead of industry trends.

The Question: What type of environment do THAT! Company’s employees work in?

THAT! Answer: Happy employees provide excellent client work, and THAT! Company is filled with them. We provide a fun environment that encourages creativity and problem solving; hence, our almost non-existent employee turn-over. We offer annual team building excursions, weekly catered lunches, parties, individual recognition and incentives (for accomplishments that include client retention and successful case studies), good benefits, and the ability to take ownership of their departments. This fosters the best client results in the industry.

The Question: Does THAT! Company understand government/public sector bidding processes?

THAT! Answer: Yes, we are experienced in helping our partners respond to government sector RFPs, RFQs and RFIs.

Do you have a question that is not in our FAQ? We’re more than happy to answer your questions. Feel free to fill out a form or call our HQ at 352-319-0222 to set an appointment.