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White Label Software


White Label Software

What is White Label Software? White Label Software is software that a company uses and brands as its software.  Most of the time, White Label Software is sold under the software as a Service (SaaS) model. In essence, the company using the software is “leasing” or “renting” the software under a monthly or annual subscription. There are many reasons companies use white-labeled software products in this way.

White label software is provided unbranded to a reseller. The reseller adds their branding or simply removes the original branding and then sells access to the platform as if they developed it. Clients usually do not know that this is the case. However, inadequate procedures in protecting the white label can cause customers to become aware of the white label arrangement. In that case, end clients will sometimes try to “go around” the reseller and access the software directly in hopes that they can purchase access for less.

What Are The Types of White Label Software?

  • Design and Programming Products
    • White Label Web design programs
    • White Label Website builders
    • White label app design programs
  • White Label Marketing Software Tools
    • White Label Lead generation
    • White Label Social Media Management Tools
    • White Label SEO Tools
    • White Label PPC Tools
    • White Label reporting software

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Why Do Software Developers White Label Their Products?

White label software is beneficial for both parties.

  • The developer gets more clients for a product it has already created. By offering the product to resellers, they effectively gained access to the reseller’s customer base and continued marketing efforts.
  • The reseller gets to offer the software to its clients without having to invest in development. The reseller gets to market faster with a proven tool.

Top 6 Benefits of White Label SoftwareThe Benefits of White Label Software

While there are many benefits, there are also some drawbacks to white labeling. It offers less control over specific features or updates and can be challenging to integrate into centralized reporting and analytics.

However, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Companies choose to resell software because it can provide:

  1. Expanded Product Offerings – The reseller can add a white label software product to their line of product offerings.
  2. Building brand credibility – Expanded offerings make the reseller more comprehensive in the eyes of their buyers
  3. Strengthening customer loyalty – If the customer stops buying other services, they will often continue using the software.
  4. Faster software launch (Time to market)
  5. Reduced short term costs – No Development costs
  6. Lower risk – If they are unable to sell the software, they can just cancel their subscription and walk away.

White Label Software is Faster and More Efficient

For most companies, white labeling is one of the most efficient ways to add more offerings to your portfolio, enter a new market, or expand and capitalize on additional services that they don’t already provide. Design, Implementation, Testing, and Roll out of the software for either internal or external use requires a lot of planning and time. Instead of investing this time and money in building the software from the ground up, businesses can usually get a fully functioning and proven white-labeled software platform up in short order with a lot less capital outlay.

If you do not have the time, resources, or skillset to design and build a custom solution, then white labeling is most likely the best strategy to accomplish your software goals.


How Do You Operate Under My Brand Name?

Learn Even More:

The terms white label and private label are often used interchangeably. White labeling is when a product or service removes its brand and logo from the end product and instead uses the branding requested by the purchaser.

Learn about our complete line of White Label Services. From white Lable SEO, PPC, SMM, Web Design, and More.

You will get access to our white-labeled project management system that allows us to communicate with your clients, so all communication is branded in your name. Our custom project management system operates on your domain name, your clients interact and communicate with us under your domain name.

White Label Communications

The reports we send to your clients will have your logo on them. When we talk to the client on the phone, we are also under your brand name. We have two ways of approaching phone calls under your name.

Conference Bridge Plan

When you only have a few clients, we start with a conference bridge plan. We meet with them on a conference bridge such as or services such as Go2Meeting, Join. me. This provides us a neutral place to talk to the customer without ever revealing our phone number.

Direct Call Plan

Our second solution is what’s called a direct call plan. You would purchase a 1-800 number that the customer would know as their services number. Whenever a client wants to call you relating to the services we provide on your behalf, they call that number, and we answer. During business hours, they can always reach a live person. Our system identifies the caller so that we can even answer the line with your brand name. We would simply answer the phone as your company. “Thanks for calling (insert your company name). How can I help you today?”

For most white label partners, we recommend starting with the “conference bridge” setup as it is the most cost-effective option.  But if you want to start out using a direct call plan, we can set that up very quickly.


Special Care is Taken So That We Don’t “Break” the White Label Relationship.

We’ve heard the horror stories of other “not so professional” white label companies revealing or breaking white-label, sometimes intentionally, but often through poor software, carelessness, or lack of foresight. We go through extreme efforts to ensure that never happens. Our whole business is built on white label relationships, and having your customers never know that we exist (unless you want them to).

Contractually Obligated

Our contract with you calls for the highest level of confidentiality both during our relationship with you and even after our relationship ends. We can’t and won’t ever “poach” a client. We can’t and won’t ever “poach” an employee or affiliate of yours.

Carefully created White Label Software

As mentioned above, our software operates under your domain and brand name. Even if a client who has high technological skills “digs” in they will find that our base domain names and tools operate under anonymized accounts. Visiting the base domain offers no website at all. This is not a new technique.

Highly Trained People with Extended Non-Disclosure Agreements

We do not outsource any client-facing roles. Our employees do the work for your clients. Only our employees will ever communicate with your clients. All of our employees are also under non-disclosure and non-compete agreements binding them to the same (if not more stringent) requirements than our agreements with you.

Referrer Blocking (HTTP Referer Blocking)

Why is referer misspelled above? It is intentional because the original RFC was misspelled. Read more about HTTP referer to learn more.  We utilize referrer blocking to ensure white label brand protection even more thoroughly.

What is a referrer?

When visiting a web page, the referrer or referring page is the URL of the previous webpage from which a link was followed. More generally, a referrer is the URL of a previous item, which led to this request. The referrer for an image, for example, is usually the HTML page on which it is to be displayed. The referrer field is an optional part of the HTTP request sent by the web browser to the webserver.

How do we block referrer information?

We have developed and utilized referrer blocking software used by our employees to block referrers at the browser level. While we are working on your client’s website to test traffic, examine and test analytics, make modifications, and more, our employees never reveal where they came from. This ensures that there is no “trail” left in Google Analytics (or other analytic tools) that refers back to us or even the tools that we use.

Generic MCC Accounts

When we connect to your clients, Google Ads accounts, we do so through two layers to ensure anonymity. You grant access to your MCC to our MCC account, which is also generically named. Our MCC account is generally never directly tied to your client’s accounts, but even when an unusual situation makes it necessary, it’s still anonymized.



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