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White Label Branding & Your Digital Marketing Services

White Label BrandingEvery digital marketing agency wants to run its online business efficiently and competently, irrespective of whether it’s about clients’ projects or internal processes. If you’re an agency owner, one of your biggest goals is to develop loyal and trustful relationships with your clients that’s why creating a white label partnership with a company that takes deep concern with white label branding is so important. Have you ever been in a situation where you had to turn down a good business deal? Maybe it was from an important client because you didn’t have the time, budget, or in-house capabilities for it? If you’ve answered yes to either, then you should learn about white label branding.

What does the term ‘white label’ mean?

The phrase white label has its origins in the music industry, particularly with vinyl records. Before music records being released to the populace, record labels would distribute promotional copies to DJs, music distributors, and radio stations, who would then conceal the original labels with white labels. Original labels were initially concealed to prevent competitors from recognizing the source of the new music being played. Today, this phrase is not exclusive to the music industry. It has found its way to the commerce and marketing industries. In the world of digital marketing, ‘white label branding’ is a phrase that means:
  • A marketing agency is hired to provide marketing solutions to its client(s),
  • Then the agency outsources those services to a white label external team,
  • The agency then rebrands the end product to make it appear as if they created those solutions,
  • Then the agency resells those solutions to their client(s).

White Label Branding Expands Your Opportunities

As an agency, there are small and medium businesses looking to you to assist them with their digital marketing needs. If you don’t have a variety of managed digital marketing services, you can outsource those services to another company. The content creators and marketing strategists from That! Company can work alongside your sales team to deliver top-notch marketing services. Your agency can then pass on these services to your clients under your brand name.

Benefits of White Label Branding

It scales your services portfolio

The biggest benefit of white label branding is that it gives digital marketing agencies an easy way to expand their service offerings to their clients without necessarily developing the solutions themselves. By outsourcing services to a white label company, you can provide your esteemed clients with a much broad range of services. What’s more is that you sell those services with your branding, while taking full credit for them.

It enhances your service quality

One marketing agency cannot be great at everything. When you aren’t good at, you can hire industry experts that are well-suited for each type of your clients’ projects. The beauty of outsourcing to a white label company is that your clients will not even recognize the involvement of a 3rd party. You will be taking credit for the services rendered, and your clients will presume that you offer top-notch marketing services on all fronts.

It improves your brand’s image

When using the services of a white label marketing company, you will never have to say no to any of the projects presented to you due to your team’s inability to execute them. You will always be able to deliver high-quality services every time. This will enable you to build a good reputation for your brand and grow your agency. We consider your brand so important that we only use certified professionals to service your accounts.

White Label Branding  helps you attract more clients

When you have more service offerings under your brand you can grow.  The more clients you will be able to pitch your digital marketing services to. When you create an industry reputation for offering a wide range of high-quality services. It will be easier for you to attract more clients. This means that your agency will become a one-stop marketing solution that your clients can always look for whenever they have marketing needs that need to be met.

It helps you retain clients

In the unfortunate event that you are unable to deliver add-on services. Your clients may look into other digital marketing agencies that can. That’s simply unacceptable. No small agency can turn away business, or take the chance that a client seeks a competitor. Working with a white label services provider can help to prevent this from happening. When outsourcing the services that your in-house team can’t handle, you’re still able to provide end-to-end digital marketing services efficiently.

It helps you boost your revenue

With a white label company handling the service delivery aspect, there is absolutely no limit to the quantity and quality of services that you can deliver. The more services you get to offer, the more you get to earn. You can sustain healthy profit margins by reselling the digital marketing services at a markup.

White label branding minimizes costs

When you outsource digital marketing services to a white label marketing company. It helps you avoid the costs associated with maintaining an in-house team of digital marketing experts on a full-time basis. These costs include
  • overhead costs,
  • salaries and benefits for full-time employees,
  • and training costs for equipping your in-house team with skills required to offer specialized marketing services.
If you do not want to waste your time and precious internal resources in areas that can take years for your team to become proficient in, then white labeling is the way to go.

When using the services of a white label marketing company, you will never have to say no to any of the projects presented to you due to your team’s inability to execute them.

Difference between White Labeling and Private Labeling

White Label Branding | Private Label VS White Label The terms’ white labeling’ and ‘private labeling’ are used interchangeably. They each refer to instances where a manufacturer creates a basic generic product or service, then distributes it to multiple retailers. Those retailers then resell the same product under their respective brand names. These phrases are two of the most often confused and misused phrases in digital marketing. They both describe products that are bought, rebranded, and resold by a reseller; however, there are subtle differences between the two strategies. The first difference is that with white labeling, the same product can be distributed to multiple resellers. They then rebrand the product and resell it under their respective brand name. With private labeling, the product is distributed to a single reseller. They then rebrand and resells the product under its brand name. So, white labeling is about selling a product to multiple resellers, while private labeling is about selling a product to only one reseller. The second difference is that with white labeling, the multiple resellers get to rebrand and resell the product as it is. This means that resellers only rebrand the product, but they do not get to modify it. With private labeling, the product is distributed to a single reseller. They not only rebrand it but also change it and resells it under its brand’s name. So, white labeling is about reselling a product as it is. While private labeling is reselling a product after modifying it to fit specific requirements, learn more about these differences by reading: White Label vs Private Label where we go into in-depth details explaining the differences between them both in addition to covering reseller options.

White Label Branding Just Makes Sense

White label branding presents many incredible benefits, particularly for small and medium-sized digital marketing agencies. Do you have a small business that can’t provide add-on services to your clients because you have limited service offerings? Consider outsourcing the services that you can’t currently offer to a white label services provider. It might just be the push that your small agency needs to grow.
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