White Label Local SEO Services

White Label Local SEO ServiceWhite Label Local SEO Services are a subset of our white label SEO offerings. Is your agency responsible for the local SEO results for your clients?  Are you successfully helping them achieve results in the Google map pack in the search results? Our proven methods and techniques alongside our outstanding customer service delivers local results under your agency’s brand.

What is White Label Local SEO?

White Labeling is where we supply services on your behalf to your clients. Local SEO is the process of providing search engine optimization specifically for businesses where the search results show businesses in a specific area when a keyword is searched. White Label Local SEO Services is the combination of the two. We provide Search Engine Optimization Services for your clients that are seeking local search results.

Not the Old School Local SEO.

Many agencies focus on outdated techniques. While optimizing the client’s website is still essential, it is secondary to proper optimization and promotional techniques surrounding the client’s GMB (Google My Business) Listing.

We start by running a comprehensive White Label Report for your client.  The Google My Business Health Report evaluates:

  1. GMB Health Report SummaryThe Client’s Listing Presence
  2. GMB Listing Reputation
  3. GMB Insights (for 90 days)
  4. Google My business Communications

Once the Health Report has been run, we begin a process of optimizing the listing, evaluating NAP consistency, and bolstering the listing’s communications.

Ongoing Local SEO under your Agency’s Brand and Label

All our communications with your client are designed and built to enhance your brand. From white-label local SEO reports, management of your clients in a custom white-labeled project management system that uses on your domain, to phone calls bearing your caller ID. Our experience providing white label SEO services since 2007 means that your clients will receive the utmost in customer service and the best local SEO results.

Our Local SEO Services contain:

  • GMB Optimization
  • Regular GMB Media Posting
  • Ongoing GMB Posts
  • Question and Answer (GMB Q&A) development and management
  • Product and Services Listing Development
  • Review Management (Automated or non-automated)
  • Negative Reputation Management (Negative Review Response Processes)
  • White Label GMB Insights Reporting
  • Organic Keyword Ranking Reports
  • GEO Ranking reports by latitude and longitude
  • Regular client meetings by phone

Our White Label Local SEO GEO Reporting Tool

Local SEO is significantly different from national SEO campaigns. The primary difference is specifically in how you report your successes to your clients. Our proprietary Local SEO GEO Reporting Tool visually demonstrates to your clients where they are ranked by latitude and longitude. Local search results change based on where the searcher is located. Gone are the days of delivering a list of keywords with ranking position numbers next to them alone. Our reporting helps the client understand what is precisely happening “on the ground.” Watch our GEO tool in action.

In the following video, we run a report for the keyword “Business Attorney.” We’ve chosen to display a 7×7 grid.  The grid points are each separated by one mile. This type of report gives a noticeably clear understanding of the rankings within 49 square miles around the business. Rankings shown by a 1, 2, or 3 are showing in the Map Pack on the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Results 4 -20 show the ranking position when searching in Google Maps.

geo reporting map ranking.

Our Reports can generate map grids of 3×3, 5×5, 7×7, 9×9, 11×11, 13×13. In distances of .1,.25, .5, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and 10 miles between grid points. This means we can cover an area as small as three-tenths of a square mile (3×3 at .1 mile distances) up to 16,900 square miles (13×13 at 10-mile distances) and nearly anything in between.

Elevate your agency’s reputation and image by supplying leading-edge visual GEO reporting rather than outdated reporting containing lists of numbers and flat charts.

Proper Local SEO Keyword Selection

One of the worst things your agency can do is create content around GEO modified keywords. This is an outdated technique of writing tons of pages of subpar content with stuffed keywords like:

bad local seo keywords

serp feature local pack selectorThis type of content provides an inferior visitor experience that looks spammy. Our Local SEO techniques create a clear association between your client’s website and their GMB listing, which removes the need to write content in such a spammy way. It allows us to create content that visitors prefer to read, which drives engagement and subsequently drives conversions.

Further, our research tools allow us to determine EXACTLY which keywords return a map pack in the SERPs so that we only focus on keywords with a local pack. There is no need to waste valuable time pursuing keywords that are national in scope for a local client. Your clients seek results of increased website traffic, increased foot traffic to their stores, and increased phone calls. Wasting time going after keywords that require a national profile is a waste of their time and money and ultimately reflects poorly on your agency’s competency.

There is no need to waste valuable time pursuing keywords that are national in scope for a local client Click To Tweet

Advanced Local SEO Services

Advanced White Labeled Local SEO Services:

Syndication of GMB Posts through RSS Feeds

We can provide syndication of Google Posts through RSS feeds.  This service allows your clients to syndicate our GMB posts into various social media platforms.

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Tumbler
  • And More

Non Automated Review Responses

Responding to GMB reviews is critical in the local SEO process. We always recommend responding by hand to reviews from your client’s customers. Automated responses and copy and pasted responses don’t reflect well on your client’s reputation whether you need review responses between 1 per week up to hundreds per day we have a plan that will meet your client’s needs.

The sparing, but tactful use of keywords in review responses can also be beneficial to Local SEO goals. Our team is trained on how to creatively weave these keywords into entirely natural responses.

Negative Review Process Development and Custom Handling

We will work with your client to develop custom negative review handling. We develop response protocols and escalation procedures to work with your client. Dependent on the need, we can craft service level agreements (SLA’s) for round the clock monitoring with 1-hour response times, to next day response handling or anything in between. Your client’s reputation is at stake, and quick, efficient handling of negative reviews can prevent a simple customer misunderstanding from escalating into a full-blown Public Relations crisis. We will work with your client (regardless of size) to specify:

  1. Response Protocol (with intent to influence the conversation offline)
  2. Response Escalation –
    1. Who within their organization needs to be notified?
      1. Single Individual
      2. Multiple Individuals
      3. Specific Individuals, based on complaint type
    2. How their organization should be notified (phone, email, other)

Implementation of Review Filtering / Improvement Tools

Reviews are critical to the Local SEO Ranking Algorithm. We can help your client in the implementation of review filtering and automation of review gathering from their customers.

Custom White Label Local SEO or Local SEO Reseller Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions About White Label Local SEO

  • What’s the best way to do Local SEO?
    Start with the GMB first. Optimize the Listing, select proper categories, clean up the GMB Health Report. Focus on GMB Communications
  • What’s the best way to sell Local SEO Services?
    Rank locally yourself, start a local marketing campaign, Network in your local area.
  • Who needs Local SEO?
    Almost any business that depends on local customers to visit their physical location, or businesses that provide services in a specific geography.
  • How does Local SEO Help?
    It improves the ranking of the business by getting them to show up in the Google Map Pack in the search results. It drives customers to their location and website.

While many of our services are preselected and grouped to supply the most often needed mix for the majority of your clients, you may need custom solutions. We can quickly supply a custom Local SEO solution to meet your agency’s and, subsequently, your client’s needs. Contact us today and let us quote your particular project. Be sure to read: White Label vs Private Label – What’s the Difference?

Unparalleled Sales Support

Unlike most SEO Reseller programs, we do not leave you out there to sell alone. We provide industry-leading sales support. We will be at your side in sales meeting with your clients, from the prospect to the closing we are here to help you build your agency business. Do not go into a meeting alone; there is strength in numbers. Let our sales team work with you and increase your closings!

Size Matters (No it Doesn’t)

Whether you need enterprise-level Local SEO for clients with hundreds of locations or you just need service for the mom and pop business down the street, we have a white label program to fit your needs. We treat every agency and their clients like they are the only client we have.  A deep commitment to exceptional customer service for you, and for the clients that make you money is our top priority. Great Relationships, Exceptional Dependability, and a Fantastic Attitude are what you get with That! Company. Call today and see for yourself.