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White Label PPC Management from Certified Professionals

Smart digital marketing companies get help with certain tasks from a white label PPC management firm such as, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising, and a lot more platforms. All these and more can be outsourced while enhancing your reputation as a complete marketing agency or advertising company. One thing to be sure of is that you look to partner with white label provider who has similar business ethics and values as you do, and who offers the type of white label services you need. This will help to build your reputation with your clients and provide results for them.

Working With a Company With Similar Business Values

That! Company - White Label PPC ManagementThat! Company offers many white label services in addition to white label ppc and there are a lot of other companies out there that say they do. They all work under your brand name instead of their own. But what makes us different? Most white label companies do the work, but few actually handle the customer interactions. That’s problematic in a number of ways.

First is scalability. If you have to meet with all of your clients, then how do you grow? As you grow and gain more clients, the more and more meetings you’re in.  Soon you’re hitting a wall, so now you need to hire someone else to have all those meetings.  There goes your profitability. That’s where we’re different. At That! Company not only are all our reports, documents, and research branded with your company name, so is the customer service, meetings, project management system, emails, and even our phone lines are branded with your company name.

What sets our white label PPC management as well as our other services apart is that by meeting directly with your clients and customers, we also reduce errors and miscommunications. You see PPC management is not as simple as it once was. It’s not simply picking a list of keywords and bidding on a position. Those days are gone. Long gone.

As the world leading white label provider to agencies across the globe we can help you deliver outstanding SEO results for your clients. Can we help you? Check out more about our White Label SEO Services and learn how we help you achieve the outcomes you are looking for.

Working Directly With Your PPC Clients Delivers Dependability

White Label PPC Management - Strategizing PlansToday successful PPC campaigns (especially in Google Ads) takes specialized, talented, and skilled professionals who are dedicated to their craft. They spend countless hours in self-development as well as continual training and recertification. Campaign performance is key; however, performance isn’t the only factor in client retention, in fact the primary factor is dependability. Dependability at its core is “Doing what you say you’re going to do”. This is where it is exceptionally important that the professional working directly on the campaign is speaking directly to the client. They know what can and can’t be accomplished, they know how to properly set expectations, they know how quickly or how long certain tasks and outcomes take. For all these reasons and more, they will help honor and keep your brand promise.  It takes a professional working in the campaigns directly to establish and keep your brand promise of providing dependable service. When you do that, you keep and retain clients. It’s that simple. Your reputation should be built on a solid foundation of dependability. Our team shares that value. Our white label PPC management delivers on those promises. You need to choose a provider with similar business values as your own.

Sales Support for White Label PPC Management Sets us Further Apart

That! Company offer sales support to you, which is something most other white label pay-per-click management companies do not offer. Again, because we think it’s so important to deliver on your brand promise of performance and dependability. We provide unparalleled assistance in the PPC sales cycle. Just listen to one of our partners and what they have to say about our sales support.
What’s going on everybody? Argel, here and I want to make this quick video to share my experiences when it comes to using That! Company as a white label service provider. Now I want to say when it comes to white label service providers That! Company has provided me personally with one of the greatest experiences for white label. For two main reasons, first reason is when it comes to their sales support team, they are incredibly professional, my experience with them is if you take one step they’ll take ten steps for you. They won’t do the work for you, they’ll do the work with you, and when it comes to making a sale or turning a prospect into a client they were right there with me handling each and every single objection from contact to close. …Absolutely loved though that the… absolutely love the way that they run their sales process it’s… It’s on point! Second reason is, when it comes to fulfillment their fulfillment team is incredibly organized nothing slips through the cracks and because they provide such excellent service the prospects that I have usually go from prospects to clients and clients to repeat clients for other services so thus that helps our company make a lot more money! So again there are sales… sales team is on point, their fulfillment team incredible. I highly recommend that if you are watching this video right now and you’re on the edge when it comes to trying that company out I would say go for it pull the trigger you will not regret it in one bit!

I absolutely love the way that they run their sales process it's… It's on point!

We take care of you and your clients, from complementary initial analysis, custom campaign audits (when necessary) assisting you with setting the correct expectations (the key to long-term PPC client retention), helping you negotiate the contract and closing the deal. No other white label pay per click management company even comes close to our sales support. Period.

How White Label PPC Management Works

THAT COMPANY Billboard white label ppc management servicesWhether you are a large company with many clients or a small boutique firm with a few, you may find that some of your clients require specialized services for which you may not have the expertise, such as PPC management. When you work with a white label pay-per-click management company, you leverage their expertise and knowledge to provide your client with the top-notch service they deserve. We are very thorough in our PPC management and provide all aspects of PPC advertising and management to you and your client. We do this through:
  1. Quick and Efficient Client Onboarding
  2. Complete PPC campaign set ups from scratch or
  3. PPC Campaign Take-overs from your previous provider or
  4. PPC Account Take-overs from your competitors!
  5. Regularly established client meetings with
    1. Fully documented ongoing strategies
    2. Documented meeting notes
    3. Held on your branded Caller ID
  6. Regular white label PPC management reports with
    1. Your brand
    2. Your email address
  7. Daily monitoring / adjustments made by professional CERTIFIED consultants
  8. Dedicated consultant for each client (not just a random customer service person who answers the phone)
  9. Dedicated secondary account managers who know the account for vacation / sick coverage.
  10. Branded call-in number with branded voicemail and live answer on transfer during business hours. Customers don’t just leave voicemails; real people answer the phones.
  11. Unparalleled performance
  12. Highly dependable trained professionals representing your brand.

Competitive White Label PPC Services Pricing

Although you pay for our services as a white label digital marketing company, you will make a strong margin working with us that’s truly scalable, as we offer the most affordable and competitive rates for the level of white label services we provide. We don’t turn the wrenches and leave you holding the client meeting “bag”, instead we free you to enjoy life while were working hard for you.

We're The Best at what We Do, Soon You Can Find Out for Yourself

We do not stop short of the best. We are the best. Plain and simple. Your reputation is on the line, and so is ours. Therefore, we ensure that our passion, professionalism and proven results are integrated into everything we do for you. No matter what your reasons are for using outsourced PPC management, we are here to help and provide dependable, effective, scalable, and exceptional results. We want to see you succeed as well as your client. Work with That! Company today! Contact us to discuss your needs for a white label pay-per-click management company and learn why we are the best company you can choose to work with.

Frequently Asked Questions about That! Company's White Label PPC Management

When Was That! Company Founded?
That! Company was founded in 2007 as Buildtelligence Web Solutions by CEO and Founder Ken Knorr and re-branded to That! Company in 2009.
What Other Services Do You Offer?
We are a full-service white label digital marketing firm, and offer services such as White Label SEO, White Label Social Media Management, White Label Web Development, as well as White Label PPC.
That Company Provides White Label Services – What Is That?
Read more about the entire subject here: What is White Label? The terms white label and private label are often used interchangeably. White labeling is when a product or service removes its brand and logo from the end product and instead uses the branding requested by the purchaser.
What Areas Do You Service?
That! Company is located in the United States. However, we serve an international client base throughout the world with clients ranging from the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.
Do You Just work with Large Companies?
No, we work with organizations of all shapes and sizes. From small companies run by individuals to Inc 500 multinational conglomerates.
Do You Outsource your PPC Management Overseas?
No, we do not outsource our services overseas. All of our White Label Services including our White Label PPC Management is performed by certified professionals that work directly for us in our US-based offices.
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