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Mobile App Marketing Agency

If you are on the hunt for a top-tier mobile app marketing agency, then look no further than That Company. First off, congratulations on conceiving, building, and launching your app. That takes guts and a lot of work. We want to applaud this momentous accomplishment. However, we are sure you have realized that an app is only as good as the mobile app marketing agency and the strategy that goes behind it. That is where That Company can help.

How That Company Can Be Your Mobile App Marketing Agency & Achieve Your Goals

No matter what type of app you have launched, your mobile app marketing goals will most likely fall into three categories:
  1. Increase Downloads
  2. Sign Up More Users
  3. Generate More Sales
From gaming to socializing, to shopping, we can help you achieve your specific mobile app marketing goals. Ready to establish yourself as a leader in your app industry? Get started with a mobile app marketing agency strategist and schedule a meeting today.
At That Company, we have tried and true methods of promoting apps through two main avenues – Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing and Social Media Management (SMM). Through these two internet marketing services, we can drive up the number of downloads, increase sign-ups, and help your app generate more sales. The main idea is to get your app in more places, in front of the right audiences, with tailored campaigns driving engagement. Through PPC and SMM, we can do just that.

Have You Launched Your App?

App Launching | A Phone With Cart, Cards And Shopping Bags At The Side If you have done your research, you may have realized that having a mobile app marketing agency in your back pocket when it is time to launch your app is one of the strongest strategies. We can help you launch your app and skyrocket your app’s growth through our unique approach to mobile app marketing with targeted promotions, teasers, social blasts with in-app photos and videos, and buildup campaigns for your launch date. Whether you have or have not launched your app yet, That Company can step in and maximize the most out of your mobile app marketing agency budget and bolster your return on investment.

Mobile App Marketing Agency Services

There are numerous ways to promote your app and our methods have proven some of the most successful results. Let us dive into what we can do for you.

Mobile App Market Research

Regardless of what service(s) you decide to proceed with, That Company always performs a thorough analysis of your current market to help you understand the benefits of each marketing avenue, as well as some potential pitfalls that you may not have been aware of. The app industry is saturated and fiercely competitive. According to, there was an average of 20,000 new applications released a month at the beginning of 2021. Therefore, selecting a mobile app marketing agency with a lot of experience and does their market research ahead of time is critical to your success. You need to know what and who you are going up against, where your strengths lie, your competitors’ weaknesses, and how to maximize these. Market research will help you understand what mobile app marketing agency services best serve you and your goals. That Company is here to guide you through the myriad of app market research, but you must have a few key details identified:
  • Who is your app’s target audience?
  • Why will they be interested in your app?
  • Who are your (top 3) competitors?
  • When is/was your app launch date?
Once you have these items defined, let That Company take the wheel on the market research.

Mobile App Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Ad Development & Ad Placement:

When selecting an agency specifically picking a mobile app marketing agency with experience marketing apps vs a generalist agency is important. Developing ads to best market a mobile app is quite a bit different than your standard business. While ad copy is something we will always be A/B testing to ensure we are getting the maximum amount of ROI/Installs out of the budget, there are specific steps we take to make sure our ad placement is only reaching the right folks with the proper devices that can download the app. We make sure we are driving only Google Android users to the Google Play Store, and specific steps to take to drive only Apple iPhone users to the Apple App Store. We have seen too many campaigns setup incorrectly by other marketing firms that are not a specialized mobile app marketing agency, and they do not consider device type settings when marketing the app, and thus wasting precious ad budget. How you market to these 2 different platforms must be taken into consideration!

Competitor Research:

We always recommend beginning any PPC mobile app marketing journey by having us investigate your top 2-3 competitors you are competing against. What keywords are they advertising on? What are their key differentiators? Are they a paid ad, or are they a free ad supported by advertising and/or microtransactions? Knowing these things can be the difference between learning the hard way, or taking proven keywords to drive more installs for your app.

Negative Keywords:

Furthermore, as the campaign has had some time to run, we will be able to identify what phrases folks are using that indicate that they are less likely to take the next step of downloading your application. We take those phrases and turn them into negative keywords so we can make sure we are only spending your ad budget on keywords that result in a download/return on investment. We have audited so many failing campaigns that have come to us over the years to find that negative keywords were not set up or used properly. Do not let that be you!

Mobile App Social Media Management

What is White Label PPC and Why Do Companies Use It
When launching and marketing an app, you cannot miss the prime opportunity of social media posting and paid promotions. Social media marketing can be intensive, especially considering how many social media platforms there are available to you and what audiences you want to reach. That Company can help build your social media buzz on several platforms including Facebook (Meta), Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and more. Here is what you can expect when you invest in our mobile app marketing agency / Social Media Management services:

Mobile App Social Media Paid Campaigns

Having a strong organic presence on social media is beneficial but having paid campaigns is one of the most important aspects to take your app from “no one knows about it” to being top rated in the Apple App Store & Google’s Play Store. This is one of our largest key strategies to bolster your results, leads, downloads, user sign-ups, and/or sales. The beauty of paid social media campaigns is that we can narrow your ad placements to demographics best suited for your app. Some key demographics may include:
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Geographic Placement
  • Current Interests or Groups Users are involved in
  • Look-a-like audiences of folks who have downloaded your app (this is huge!)
With paid social media ads, we can test different graphics, copy, and call-to-action, and invest more budget in the best-performing ads. We can also identify ad types or demographics that are not best serving your goals and adjust from there. The possibilities with paid social media ads are endless and we are here, ready for you and your mobile app marketing agency needs.

Content Production

Organic Content is important when it comes to social media and having an experienced social media marketer on your team will increase your productivity, creative design, and content production. There are so many factors that go into creating content for your social media strategies such as image design, video production, and copywriting.
We have been creating engaging social media content for clients for over a decade. This level of time and experience has honed our skills in countless industries, and we are always on top of the latest algorithm shifts. You can expect the best content production with our social media experts.

Social Calendar Development & Posting

Once the content is developed, we will instill a social calendar strategy. The beauty of a social calendar is knowing what is being posted and when. We do ongoing testing to make sure your posts are reaching their fullest potential. Our testing circles around ideal times of day to post, what content performs best where, how often to post, and more. Some content is designed for stories while others are meant for static posts on your profile or grid.
We handle it all, from content creation, calendar development, and posting. All you have to do is sit back and watch the results flood in. Whether you want to be hands-on with content development or place your trust in our social media managers, is all up to you.

Monthly Reports and Meetings

With both social media services, organic and paid, we will meet with you monthly to discuss performance, creation, future strategies, and budget, as well as provide detailed reports on your social media campaign performance. This level of accountability helps you be involved as little or as much as you want in your mobile app marketing social media strategy.

Mobile App Growth Consulting

If you are hands-on with your marketing strategies and would like to be the one steering the wheel, generating the content, launching ads, and investing your time into your marketing strategies, then you may best be suited for our Mobile App Growth Consulting services.
Our Mobile App Growth Consulting is tailored to every individual app and its goals. You will have regularly scheduled meetings and reports, as with our other services, as well as detailed guidance from our Mobile App Marketing Consultants on what we recommend you do next, advice on what projects you are working on, and the best tweaks to make to your current campaigns. This sage advice can be crucial to your marketing success as we have been in the mobile app marketing agency business for over 15 years! Our time and experience can make a world of a difference in how your mobile app marketing strategy plays out.
What is White Label PPC and Why Do Companies Use It 5
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