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Don’t Just Make Promises, Make It Happen

Sales: “Sure ma’am, we can get your website optimized easily. You’ll be ranking #1 in no time!” Client: “That’s great to hear. Most companies that I called said they couldn’t do Magento.” Sales: “Oh…did you say Magento? Uh…yeah…we don’t touch that either. Sorry! *Click*” Client: “Oh yeah. You’re getting a GREAT review buddy!” While this […]

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What Is E-A-T?

Google decided that it was time to adjust how they rate a website in a way that would fall more in line with how they think websites should perform in order to provide the best search results. As such, E-A-T was created, and they discuss it in Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines.  Essentially it stands for […]

Design Systems: What are they and do you need one?

Uniformity on the web has a negative connotation. It often is synonymous with boring, unoriginal, or even copied. But when it comes to your site uniformity tells a very different story; one of reliability, forethought, care and organization. Design plays an increasingly important role every year. So, it can become a daunting task to keep […]

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Increase Your Conversions – From Ad to Landing Page

Across all forms of online marketing, there is a common denominator for successful campaigns that often stumps even some seasoned marketing veterans. That’s the question of “How do I maximize conversions?” Having a compelling ad that gets people to take notice and make that click on your ad is great, just as is having a […]

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The “Other” Optimizations

While some might say SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” was introduced when the first website was published in 1991, it didn’t become an actual term or utilized skill until about 1997. Before search engine optimization was chosen as the official name there were a variety of terms used to represent the strategy. For example: Search […]

Optimizing Google Ads versus Optimizing Microsoft Ads

This is a great topic as at first glance it seems they are the same. They both use keywords, they both use ads, they both have the same major functions. But that is about where the similarities end. There are a lot of minor differences, and even some not so minor, that make each platform […]

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The Latest on Google’s June Core Algorithm Update

On June 3rd, Google began to roll out an algorithm update. It was the largest core update since at least October of 2018, and judging by the results, probably even longer than that. It was such a big deal, Google warned us about it the day before it happened. It was such a big deal, […]

Why You Shouldn’t White Label

That’s right. Our business is built on being a white label provider, however, I’m going to share some interesting thoughts, insights, data, and overall perspective on why you actually shouldn’t white label. I mean we’re called That Company after all because we are so many different companies! While I am writing this article, we are […]

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User Experience (UX) Design

With this blog, we want to guide you, the lector, to know some basics of User Experience (UX) Design and to understand their purpose. Design is much more than making things pretty. In UX, the “U” indicates this has to do with computers and technology. The “X” stands for the experience a person is having […]