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White Label Pricing for SEO, PPC and Social Media

White Label Pricing

White Label Pricing makes the difference between a profitable relationship or one where you do the work and make no money. We get the question often on how to retail price our white label solutions. Our partners re-price our services in lots of different ways, but the most successful partners have learned one crucial thing that makes them more profitable. Time is money.

Plain and simple the question you must ask yourself is:

How much time do I want to spend managing the white label service I provide to my customers?

You see, if you don’t think that your time is valuable, then you just can’t reach your maximum profitability. Unlike most white labels service providers, we provide a level of service that’s simply unmatched in our industry. Here’s how our competitor’s programs work:

Typical Non-Profitable White Label Pricing Model

  1. You sell the customer an initial analysis.
  2. White Label Creates Analysis Report.
  3. You meet with White Label to Go Over Report.
  4. You meet with the Customer to Deliver the report.
  5. You meet with White Label to review Customer’s Specific Questions.
  6. You meet with Customer to Answer Questions.
  7. You sell Ongoing Services to Customer.
  8. You meet with Customer to Layout Strategy
  9. You meet with White Label to Give Instructions
  10. White Label does work
  11. You meet with the customer to deliver reports and progress
  12. You meet with White Label to give instructions
  13. Repeat at line 10
The Other Guys White Label Pricing

In this scenario, you do all the work, Selling, Communicating, Meetings, Emails, Report Deliveries, Strategy, and so on. If your time is not valuable, then this is the plan for you. In this scenario, you will soon learn that you become limited in your profitability because you RUN OUT OF TIME.

This is What Makes That! Company Different! The Profitable White Label Pricing Model

  1. You offer the customer a FREE Initial Analysis Report.
  2. We create the Initial Analysis Report in one business day.
  3. We meet with the Customer to Deliver report.
  4. We answer any of the customer’s questions.
  5. You send an agreement to the customer.
  6. We close the customer for you.
  7. We meet with Customer to Layout Strategy
  8. We do the work
  9. We meet with the customer to deliver reports and progress
  10. We up-sell customers your additional services
  11. Repeat at line 8
That Company White Label Pricing

In this scenario your time is treated as it should be – Your time is valued.  You can handle a much larger client load, and you can be much more profitable.

Our White Label Partners Make More Money Because We Do More of the Work!

Let’s look at it a different way:

If you hired employees to perform the services we provide, would you be in every meeting? Would you deliver every report? Would you be in every email communication? Would you have to handle every client interaction and detail? No, of course not. You would train your employees to service your clients, and then you would manage those employees. Most white labels actually EXPECT you to do all of the heavy lifting (the real-time is spent in the client interactions, phone calls, questions, interruptions, reports, and meetings). Successful people know this famous quote:

I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own efforts. - John D. Rockefeller #WhiteLabel #Profits

Profit is the point, right?

White Label PPC Pricing:

As the world leader in pay per click management, we have been serving clients since 2001. Using proprietary software to track the progress of your PPC campaign, we are committed to accountability and results. Every one of our PPC managers is Google Ads, and Search Alliance Certified to ensure each of our clients receives the best pay per click experience. White Label Pricing is based on a flat fee approach.

White Label SEO Pricing:

We take a holistic approach to search engine optimization, combining content creation with social media and a natural linking/growth strategy that earns organic search engine results. We begin our projects with a comprehensive analysis and business consultation. Our SEO campaigns deliver accountable and measurable results. We serve clients in the United States, Canada, UK, Europe, South America, Germany, China, Australia, and many more international countries. Our SEO White Label Pricing is based on a retainer model.

Reputation Management:

The best company’s reputation can be destroyed in a matter of a few minutes on the Internet by almost anyone. A negative online reputation could cost your company new clients, current clients, tens of thousands of dollars, or even millions of dollars in lost business. We take a two-phase approach to managing your online reputation, so you can move forward without being dragged down. Our white label pricing for Reputation Management is based on a retainer model.

Social Media:

Social media has grown to the point that no business can afford to ignore it. However, it can require a significant investment of time and effort – and especially for a business owner, time is a precious commodity. From that perspective, it makes sense to let an Internet marketing company handle this for you, while you focus on your business. Our social media experts not only know how to reach your target audience where they spend their time; they use the right tools and analytics to deliver the results you need. We evaluate, plan, design, market, manage, and measure your social media efforts, using the metrics that matter most to your business.  Our Social Media White Label Pricing is based on a blended approach of Retainer and Flat Fee based on advertising spend.

A Complete Campaign

Our campaigns include:

  • Private label campaigns that fit neatly into the rest of your client’s strategy and which draw traffic to their site.
  • Reputation management strategies that improve your client rank while upgrading the corporate culture strengthening their brand.
  • Private label SEO that achieves lasting rank.
  • Call tracking to hone your clients’ understanding of their clientele.
  • Private label PPC strategies with thoroughly researched keywords and genuine ROI.
  • Competitive White Label Pricing

It’s Your Service, Your Reputation, Your Way

That! Company didn’t make its way into the Inc 500 list of Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in the US by serving our clients generically. Our team works closely with your strategy, which is why we’ve won Gold Level MarCom and Addy Awards. We guide our private label digital marketing work with in-depth CPC, ROI, and CPA analytics so that results are always quantifiable. Then we sculpt campaigns to drive better profits. We also operate under your banner so that you gain the reputation, not us. If you’re ready to take your revenue to new heights

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