What is White Label SEO?

White Label SEO, also known as Private Label SEO, is where you hire a professional Search Engine Optimization provider to provide SEO services to your customers under your brand name. Many marketing and website development firms do this to be an all-in-one provider for their customers without increasing overhead costs.

White Label SEO | What Is White Label SEO

What does it mean to white label something?

White labeling is when a product or service removes its brand and logo from the product and instead uses the branding requested by the purchaser buying the product/service. This is so the purchaser can then resell the product/service, and to the end-user is looks like the purchaser is the one who created the product/service. Read What is White Label? for more details

How Does White Label SEO Work?

White label SEO works when you have a professional white label SEO provider who provides excellent results and can do so under your brand name. Most white label models don’t interact with your clients and only do the back-end work. However, the best white label SEO solutions handle all the work and communication with your clients.

Why Do I Need A White Label SEO Agency?

Customers are more sophisticated than ever and realize that they need marketing and development providers who can fulfill all their needs. For many agencies that focus on other core competencies having a White Label SEO Agency is essential to become full-service and win clients who want an “All under one roof” type of agency.

What Are the Benefits of Working with A White Label SEO Agency?

Instead of losing out on potential new business who want a “all under one roof” provider having a White Label SEO Agency in place eliminates that. Also, it leads to upsale opportunities for all your current clients where you can control multiple aspects of the relationship and avoid hostile agencies from potentially stealing your customers.

Why Should I Choose Your White Label SEO Agency Over Your Competition?

White Label SEO AgencyFull-Service White Label SEO:

That Company is a full-service white label provider specializing in National SEO, Local SEO, White Label PPC, Social Media, and Website Development. So instead of having multiple white label providers, you can service all your client’s needs through one white label provider.

This ensures consistent; high-quality professionals are always working with your clients. In addition to keeping things simple for you, by having one white label provider, it ensures more exceptional communication across all the various marketing disciplines is achieved.

US Based SEO Consultants:

All our digital marketing consultants are based here in the United States in our Central Florida Headquarters. One of the many headaches for most organizations that hire the cheapest white label providers out there is the fact that their contacts do not know English as their first language and the time zone difficulties of waiting for contacts in India and or the Philippines to start their day. With That Company, we operate 8 am-5 pm EST, and everyone that will perform work for your clients are based here in Florida.


Our model is centralized with greater quality control. By hiring That Company, you get an organization where all our employees work together in one building in Florida. Many other white label providers are decentralized, which leads to many more quality control issues and does not allow for clear communication across multi-faceted digital marketing campaigns when multiple consultants need to work closely together. By having all our white label SEO consultants in one location, we have more exceptional communication, which ultimately generates better results and a better experience for your clients.

scalable growthScalable:

Our model is completely scalable. Whether you have one client or 5000 clients when you work with That! Company, the only activity that you must take on an ongoing basis, is billing your clients. In the majority of white label solutions, you must handle all the communication with the client, which dramatically reduces your scalability as an agency.

A lot of agencies get stuck with all the communication to their clients on topics they hired people to handle for them! Which for the customer ends up being a frustrating experience as their point of contact is unable to answer technical questions related to their SEO  or other digital marketing activities. When resellers end up playing the “telephone game,” they end up focusing a substantial amount of their time on inefficient communication between their client and their provider. Because of this inefficiency, the reseller is unable to focus on their own marketing and growing their business. That! Company handles completing the work as well as communicating with the client about all the activities that are taking place.

White Label SEO Sales Support:

When working with That Company, you can focus your time on the essential items, such as growing your business. When working with the typical white label provider, they’ll sign you up, charge you a monthly fee, and then hold out their hands, waiting for you to bring them new business. With That Company, we don’t charge any ongoing fees, and we provide sales support to help you close new business! So instead of waiting for you to bring us the new business, we join you on the front lines to close new business!

You will have full access to our calendars to book calls for us to join you on. You share with us the prospect’s website, their top two to three competitor websites, and we show up with research in hand to help you close the deal!

After that, you’re in charge to send the proposal and contract to the customer,


Gone are the days when you can simply deliver a service to a customer and call it a day. We’re not sure those days ever existed. However, that’s what a lot of firms do. They go, “I did the work!” that’s good enough, right? The rhetorical answer is, “No, it’s not!” You must educate your customers on what you’re doing, why you’re making the decisions that you’re making, the proposed impact of those changes, that is, if you want to retain your customers!

It is our mission to better educate our customers for a number of reasons:

  1. So, they can feel confident in our decisions. It is true that most people make emotional decisions and then back their decision with logic. Making a client “feel good” about what we’re doing is very important. So, communication where we actively educate them on our decisions opens the floor to more in-depth conversations.
  2. The more they understand the intricacies of what we’re doing, the more they can partake in fueling a successful relationship together. We regularly tell clients, “We want you to be the industry expert, we’re the marketing experts, and when we combine the two, we ultimately create the best possible relationship.”
  3. When you don’t understand how much goes into completing a job, it’s easy to think, “Well, you guys just click a few buttons and produce success. I can do that myself! Why do I need to pay you? Helping a client see behind the scenes, and the amount of work that truly goes into producing success will create a deeper appreciation for the management fees that they’re paying us collectively.

R.A.D. Discipline:

RAD 1Something unique to That Company we not only train our digital marketing professionals to become even more skilled at producing results, but we teach them to retain clients through soft skills as well.

What is RAD?

RAD is one of the most critical factors in client retention, and since client retention is always the goal for any agency, it’s vital that you that our core value is built upon keeping and growing your clients. Every discipline in our firm, including white label SEO consultants and coordinators, focuses on RAD. RAD is an acronym that stands for Relationship, Attitude, and Dependability.



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Do you know if your customer is married? If they are – What’s their spouse’s name? Do they have any pets? What do they do for fun? What are they truly passionate about in life? Do they travel? If so, where? Do they play sports? What makes them tick?

Customer’s like to work with people! Yes, clients care about results; that is very important; however, to base a relationship entirely on results will ensure that you do not retain customers. Let me ask this – is it easy to fire an employee? How about a firm you’ve hired? Chances are it’s a lot easier to fire a firm, it’s faceless, no emotional connection, no hard feelings, it’s just business, right?

We need to have relationships with our white label SEO customers that ultimately ensure that we enjoy the good and bad together, and don’t get thrown out the second things aren’t perfect. Google made an algorithm shift, and the client lost rankings? Instead of a client saying, “well, you blew it, time to move on!”, they’re asking, “Okay, so (insert name) what’s the game plan?

Therefore, having our team interact directly with clients is so beneficial is we look to build relationships with them on top of delivering stellar results.


Do you like working with people that are positive or negative? Simple enough, right? Yet, when you go through a drive-thru or shop at Walmart, how many times have you asked, “How are you today?” to receive a lackluster or negative response? Having an upbeat attitude with your customers is very important to us. To be the shining moment in their day (who knows what kind of day they’re having!) is important. We’re not here just to provide a service. We’re here to make a difference in people’s days!


Ever worked with someone that was a superstar at what they do, but they simply weren’t dependable? Whenever they did their work, it was top-notch, but knowing that it’s 100% handled for sure on time was always in question? Missed deadlines, lack of responses, missed meetings. NOT GOOD! Our team is not only trained to get results, but we teach our teams to set realistic expectations and meet them! It’s common for most people not to want to set an expectation in fear of missing that expectation. However, if you’re not setting an expectation, you can bet that the client is setting their own expectation. Guess what – their expectation is going to cheaper, faster, and better than the expectation you would’ve set 99.9% of the time. Expectation setting and being dependable is a part of That Company’s culture. This is especially true in SEO.

Who Uses That Company’s services?

Servicing the GlobeNumerous organizations use That Company’s white label SEO services. We provide our services to SEO firms that don’t want to provide PPC Management in house. We offer a 100% turn key digital marketing suite of services to web development firms that don’t want to do any of it. We provide overflow resources to agencies that aren’t ready to hire the next person to join their team but have too much that they can’t put it on their current staff. We also work with traditional marketing firms, Radio stations, newspapers, etc. that want to provide digital marketing services to their customers that are looking for additional ways to grow their businesses.

Not to mention to entrepreneurs/independent consultants that simply want to build a sales organization to support their lifestyle. However, as business owners, they don’t want to have to worry about delivering any of the services.

How Long Has That Company Been in Business?

That Company started on May 22nd, 2007, as Buildtelligence Web Solutions LLC and ultimately rebranded into That Company in 2010. We started right around the time the economy hit an all-time low. We originally were going to be a firm that focused on working with new home construction companies as that was our CEO’s background. However, we quickly pivoted due to the economic shift. We became an agnostic digital marketing firm, and then in 2010, we pivoted again and focused on becoming a white label provider for agencies. As of today’s, writing in 2020, we service over 400+ agencies and continually growing!

What Kind of Clients Does That Company Work With?

Since our partners come from such a wide variety of backgrounds, you would be hard-pressed to find an industry in which we have not delivered results! You name it; if the sector has 1000 companies or more, then we’ve touched it at one point or another. Some partners focus on niches, some focus on acquiring customers in their geographies, and others take on every client that has a dollar in their wallet.

Is it time for you to work with a White Label SEO Provider? Let’s chat!

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