White Label PPC Service Delivered in White Gloves Style

White label PPC and SEO can be a reseller’s saving grace or nightmare, depending on with whom you partner. As a marketing company, you want to deliver top notch customer service and ultimately positive results.

When you need to resell certain services, you want to be sure that the internet marketing company you partner with is going to deliver these exceptional results on time and within budget. That! Company offers you the ability to retain your customers by taking an educational approach that will engage your customer through every step. Additionally, we keep our rates competitive, so you can still make a decent margin on your services while using us as a white label PPC partnership.

How White Label PPC Works

Your company, XYZ Marketing, offers a full suite of services to your new client, ABC Electronics, including PPC, SEO, social media and more. However, you know that you can save time, money and resources by partnering with That! Company for white label SEO and white label PPC services.

When we provide our services to your client, ABC Electronics, we use the name XYZ Marketing. All of our email and phone communications are done under XYZ Marketing. Our reports are branded with XYZ Marketing. When we talk to ABC Electronics, it is as if we are XYZ Marketing, providing white glove service to your client. ABC Electronics knows us as XYZ Marketing, and they see a unified and complete package delivered to them by XYZ Marketing.

What is in it for You

We offer white glove service to you and your client. We talk with your client regularly from an educational standpoint. We even offer sales support to you to ensure you can gain every new opportunity that comes your way. Ultimately, our end goal is to retain our clients and achieve results for them so by having influence in the sales cycle we’ll be able to best set a prospect’s expectations.

Although we work behind the scenes, we provide a full range of PPC services, including campaign restructuring, optimization, negative keyword research, keyword match types, refined targeting, A/B ad split testing, and much more. It is more than just a simple service with a report. It is elaborate and involved, and it is what we do best. We pass our expertise and professionalism along to you, representing your company to your client and providing exceptional “white glove�? service to all.

That! Company is your trusted and partner of choice for white label services. Contact us today to discuss your reseller needs and how we can benefit your business, and achieve results for you and your client. When it comes to white label PPC and SEO, you can be sure of exceptional service and results in white glove style with That! Company.

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