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Digital Marketing Experts – Editorial Review Board

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EAT Featured Image
That! Company, has the responsibility to the digital marketing industry to always provide our clients and readers with accurate and knowledgeable white label digital marketing solutions and internet marketing information. When we bring new members onto our team, we not only ensure they are great relationship builders and dependable consultants, but we also make it a priority that they receive the knowledgeable internet marketing training needed to pass on to our readers and clients.
Over the years, a few consultants of different departments have gained enough knowledge and experience to be considered experts in their respective disciplines. Only after they have achieved that status are they asked to oversee the content delivered on our sites and ensure its accuracy.

Our Editorial Review Practices

That! Company, in order to maintain the integrity of its brands and prevent inaccurate content from entering its site(s), has implemented a set of processes and procedures to evaluate all content that is submitted for publication on any of our websites. Once the content is submitted, it is reviewed by an editing team who verify that it is original content, well-written, and conforms with all our policies. If any changes need to be made, the editor will contact the author for clarification or edits.
Once the edits are complete, the content is then reviewed by a second editor to ensure that they meet our standards. If any further edits are required, we will contact the author for clarification or revisions before posting.
That! Company has always been committed to delivering truthful and accurate information to our readers and clients and has maintained an unwavering commitment to upholding the standards of truth and integrity. All content published on That! Company sites will be checked, re-checked, and edited to ensure that it is not only accurate but also provides our clients and readers with the correct information they need.

The Author's Responsibility

Employees from across our organization are the authors of the content found on our site(s). The author of any content or articles submitted for publication on our sites is responsible for making sure that the information contained in their writing is derived from a reliable and credible source.
When writing for That! Company, the author pledges to deliver content that is well-researched, accurate, and embodies the highest levels of quality and integrity. Our editorial team reserves the right to reject any submitted content that significantly deviates from our policies or does not meet our editorial standards.
The following is a list of our digital marketing experts who have been officially designated as Editors, Writers, and Editors-In-Chief:

Ken Knorr
Founder and CEO

Department: SEO

Years in the Industry: Since 1996

Meet Ken Knorr. Ken founded That! Company in 2007 after a successful career as an executive in the Homebuilding Industry. Ken has a unique leadership style, combining consensus with debate. Always open to debate a particular strategy or direction, Ken makes himself unusually available to his employees preferring to work in the company’s break area rather than in his office.


Mark Gray
Senior SEO Consultant

Department: SEO

Years in the Industry: Since 2007

Mark Gray is currently the Senior SEO Consultant in his department and has been in his industry for over 14 years. He has watched, researched and adapted to many changes in search engine optimization and Google’s many algorithm shifts and has had a hand in training for almost all newcomers to the business.


Ty Roden
Vice President of Operations

Department: PPC | TECHNOLOGY

Years in the Industry: Since 2006

Ty Roden has been in management for a bit over 30 years, with a special additional interest in programming. Over the last 12+ years, additional specialization has been added into Marketing analysis and tracking, where he has created several applications to assist in this and are utilized in That Company operations daily.


Mike Knorr
VP Marketing and Sales

Department: SALES

Years in the Industry: Since 2009

Say Hi to Michael Knorr our VP of Marketing & Sales. He's been with That Company for 11 years. He was the founder of our social media marketing department back in 2009 and now oversees helping onboard new white label partners.


Jasmin Savanavino
Supervisor of First Impressions

Department: SALES

Years in the Industry: Since 2018

Get to Know Jasmin, our Executive Assistant and Sales Coordinator here at That Company. Her background is in office management and is highly dedicated to providing excellent customer service.


Merton Clemence
Manager of Agency Development (MAD)

Department: SALES

Years in the Industry: Since 2010

Meet Marty, our Manager of Agency Development. Marty has developed a strong understanding and the technical know-how within PPC, SEO, and Social Media campaigns since 2010. He has since moved into our Agency Development department.


L’Ren Bergeron
Training Specialist

Department: SEO

Years in the Industry: Since 2013

Meet L'ren, one of our avid SEO Consultants here at That Company. She has been an SEO Consultant for four years and is the project lead for our internal marketing efforts on all digital platforms. In her free time, she loves to paint, play with her pups, and find new dishes to whip up in the kitchen.


Doyle Clemence
SEO Consultant

Department: SEO

Years in the Industry: Since 2011

Doyle Clemence is an SEO Consultant who has helped many up and coming business find internet marketing success over his 10 year tenure at the company. Doyle time at the business has never been idle, as he has worked, in some capacity, at just about every department in the company.

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