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Meet Ken Knorr. Ken founded That! Company in 2007 after a successful career as an executive in the Homebuilding Industry. Ken has a unique leadership style, combining consensus with debate. Always open to debate a particular strategy or direction, Ken makes himself unusually available to his employees that prefer to work in the company’s break area rather than in his office.

Ken is highly engaged with both his leadership team and his employees. Getting to know this style can be challenging for some people but the effectiveness of the style is obvious by the success and longevity of Ken’s companies.

While Ken dedicates a large volume of his time to his business, he is also a very dedicated family man. Having raised his children to work in the same industry as him allows him to see them personally as well as professionally on a daily basis. He is proud of the company he has built with his wife Tina and how his adult children have grown to have the same fire and passion as he does for marketing and helping businesses grow.