White Label PPC Management from the Professionals

Sometimes marketing companies need to help each other out with certain tasks under a white label. PPC management, SEO, AdWords and other services can be outsourced without damaging your reputation as a complete marketing or advertising company. One thing to be sure of is that you partner with another company who has similar business ethics as you, and who offers the type of white label services you need. This will help to build your reputation with your clients and provide results for them.

Working With a Company With Similar Business Morals

That! Company - White Label PPC ManagementThat! Company offers you many white label services. The way we do it is that we work under your brand name instead of our own. All our reports, customer service and meetings and more are branded with your company name. That includes emails, phone calls, documents and more.

We also offer sales support to you, which is something many other white label pay-per-click management companies do not do. We take care of your client, talking with them regularly from an educational standpoint under your brand name. We retain clients for you and achieve results for them.

How White Label PPC Management Works

White Label PPC Management - Strategizing PlansWhether you are a large company with many clients or a small boutique firm with a few, you may find that some of your clients require specialized services for which you may not have the expertise, such as PPC management. When you work with a white label pay-per-click management company, you borrow their expertise and knowledge to provide your client with the top-notch service they deserve.

We are very thorough in our PPC management, and provide all aspects of PPC advertising and management to you and your client. Although you pay for our services as a white label internet marketing company, you will still make a decent margin working with us, as we offer some of the most affordable and competitive rates for white label services.

We do not stop short of the best. Your reputation is on the line, and so is ours. Therefore, we ensure that our passion, professionalism and proven results are integrated into everything we do for you. No matter what your reasons are for reselling part of your services, we are here to help and provide positive results. We want to see you succeed as well as your client. Work with That! Company today! Contact us to discuss your needs for a white label pay-per-click management company and let us tell you why we are the best company you can choose to work with you.



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