White Label SEO Services Are So Popular, But Why?

If you’re a digital marketer, you should be aware that white label SEO services have grown in popularity over the years. This is because of the scope of digital marketing in today’s world. For any business that’s looking to boost its online visibility and generate more leads, a holistic approach will provide the best opportunity for growth (and ROI). This means that digital marketers are faced with the challenge of providing their clients with many different services aimed at increasing customer outreach.

From website design to social media marketing and e-commerce services, marketers may find themselves with limited internal resources to provide everything in-house. This is where white label SEO steps in, and why it has become so famous in recent years.

By outsourcing your client’s SEO needs, your marketing agency can maintain lean operations, save on costs, and grow its client base. White label services have become popular because they allow marketing agencies to focus on what they do best, while outsourcing complex and time-consuming SEO tasks.

Understanding SEO White Label Services

White Label SEO Services diagram shows use of keywords links titles and tags

White labeled SEO refers to the practice of outsourcing the SEO needs of your clients to a third-party business. As an agency, your clients will refer their SEO needs to you, after which you may redirect those services to a dedicated SEO company. When SEO services are delivered to your client, you will essentially brand them as your own, giving the impression that you handled everything in-house.

Utilizing a SEO Reseller is an excellent way of providing your clients with quality SEO services, ranging from search engine rankings to selecting keyword phrases. However, SEO involves much more than that. To provide your clients with effective results, these services are becoming increasingly technical by the day. Dedicated SEO firms now offer content creation, PPC, link management, keyword analysis, and even on-page analysis.

It’s the increasing complexity of SEO that has led to the popularity of white labeling (or reselling) these services. Many marketing agencies no longer have the internal capacity to hire SEO teams for their clients. Rather than losing business because one can’t sustain internal SEO, hiring a private label company to support a client’s SEO needs is a smart choice.


Reasons why white label SEO has become popular

Growth in the popularity of white-labeling SEO is driven by businesses realizing the importance of increasing their visibility online. This growth is fueled by a downstream effect, where the clients of marketing agencies are realizing the need to rank higher in search engine results.

Approximately 93% of customers start their online experience through a search engine, and Google alone encounters over 3.5 billion searches in a single day. Furthermore, over 90% of web users don’t look past the first page of Google search results. Because of these numbers, agencies are faced with an increased demand to offer comprehensive SEO services that work for their clients. White label firms are being increasingly sought after to provide SEO services on behalf of marketing agencies.

But there are other important reasons why agencies are increasingly turning to white label companies for their client’s SEO services. In fact, the growth in popularity of white label SEO is fueled by the following benefits an agency can enjoy.

Agencies can focus on their areas of expertise

No two marketing agencies are exactly the same. Some may have an expertise in web design, while others may be experienced in e-commerce support. Others may be focused on customer acquisition and other backend processes. Trying to overburden your core operations with SEO can make things very challenging.

Because SEO services are broad and complex, it makes sense to obtain these services from an SEO white label. This allows agencies to focus on their core areas of expertise while still providing branded SEO services (from experts) to their clients.

Generate higher quality leads

The growth of your agency will be dependent on acquiring more customers. With quality SEO services provided and resold under your private label, you can offer a wider range of services to your potential customers and generate quality leads.

Provides opportunities to scale your operations

Once your clients receive a few customers from your marketing efforts, they will continue to want more. A client may want more keywords to rank higher, more leads, or more traffic to their website. White labeled SEO allows you to scale up your operations to meet the growing demands of your client base.

Allows you to save on costs

Imagine how expensive it would be to maintain an SEO team in-house, especially if SEO is not your cup of tea. Outsourcing your clients’ SEO needs allows you to save on costs and to maintain lean operations that make your agency more efficient.

In fact, you’ll be able to spend less on SEO while providing better services to your clients (a win-win situation).

Further develop your brand

Using an SEO reseller allows you to grow your brand. This is perhaps the most underappreciated reason why white labeled SEO is so famous. Imagine putting your brand name on quality SEO services that allow your clients to rank on the first page of Google. SEO from a white label source is an excellent practice that can turn your agency into a brand that will attract more clients down the road.

Learn valuable insights about your clients and the industry

When you use white labeled SEO services, you’ll be able to learn more about your client base. How effective is their online presence? Which keywords are they currently using? How is their website structured?

All these valuable insights can be used by your agency to provide even better marketing strategies for current and future clients.

Getting started with white labeled SEO

More and more marketing agencies are taking advantage of SEO white label to increase profits. Don’t fall behind the curve. That! Company has over a decade of experience in providing quality white label services to many different businesses.

As opposed to other private label service providers, we take a broad and strategic approach for every client that needs white label SEO. Each journey starts with a detailed consultation, where we take time to understand the needs of your clients even before we jump into the technical work. Are you in need of an SEO white label expert? Call us at 800-255-0396 to get a free consultation, or download our ebook on white label today.

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