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What is White Label SEM?

what is white label sem

What is White Label SEM, and How Can it Help My Agency?

White Label is the term used to describe when a supplier provides a service or product for another company under that company’s brand name. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the management of paid advertising campaigns specifically on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Thus White Label SEM is the combination of the two where a white label digital marketing firm like That! Company provides SEM services to end clients under the brand names of other agencies. It’s more often referred to as White Label PPC (Pay per Click)

Why Should I Care About White Label Search Engine Marketing?

SEM Search Engine MarketingSearch Engine Marketing (SEM) can be a very effective growth strategy for agencies. In the early years in business, agencies typically focus on building their brand and business development. With more sophisticated agency offerings and as clients are beginning to have more sophisticated needs, agencies need to expand their scope of services and adapt to continue their growth. White Label is an excellent way to do that. White Label SEM should also be attractive to new and old agency clients.  Business owners like the one that started with an agency are looking for ways to scale their business and grow.  They may want to hire more people or expand their current team, but they also need help with other aspects of running the business. White Label SEM can help separate the production part of the business from the marketing department so that our agency clients can focus on hiring sales and marketing staff and work on growing their businesses.  Agencies can continue offering their own services under their brand while also adding white label services to expand their offerings.  This is perfect because driving sales and new customers is important.  The agency’s brand remains strong, while the white label practice can grow with the business.

How Do Agencies Get Started in White Label SEM?

white label sem resultsWhite Label SEM is generally a straightforward process; agencies start by sourcing and hiring That! Company to provide SEM services on behalf of its clients. As agencies learn more about the digital marketing industry and what it takes to manage SEM, they can decide if they want to start growing their own branding in the digital space or focusing on white label. The White Label SEM process is an excellent way of scaling an agency’s operations by adding new services and products to grow their business if an agency comes to That! Company and says, “We want a white label strategy that includes everything from White Label SEM, White Label SEO, and White Label SMM” That! Company would be able to tell you exactly what that would look like.  It also allows agencies the flexibility to change their strategy as the digital marketing landscape evolves.

How Would a White Label Campaign Work?

An agency needs to know what type of digital marketing services they would need to execute a white label campaign. That! Company will create a detailed Value Proposition for their client from start to finish and provide an honest assessment of what it takes to manage a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. An agency will then decide if they want White Label SEO, White Label SEM, or more.

White Label SEM is a great way of scaling an agency's operations by adding new services and products to grow their business.

That! Company Helps Sell SEM and Your Other Services Too.

Not only do we service your clients, but we also help in the sales process as well. When we meet with an agency’s prospects, it is about more than just the white label service. It’s about representing your agency’s brand in the best possible light. We want to help grow your client’s business, whether it’s a white-label service we’re providing or an in-house service provided by the agency.

SEM has no secrets; it’s just an evolution of digital marketing.  Agencies have evolved from Web design companies to online marketing companies, and clients now expect expertise in campaign management. That! Company has Google Certified SEM Managers with specializations like Search Quality, Display Advertising, Mobile Search Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and Local Search to help agencies tackle the digital marketing challenges they face.


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