Web Development

pecifically for SEO functions and, depending on the CMS, these can make anywhere from a small improvement to a major upgrade in how SEO and the site itself works for you. Web development is the actual mechanics of how this all gets implemented.

Web development is a very broad subject. It involves client-side coding and server-side coding, which describes where the code is executed. Each approach offers advantages and disadvantages, and the one you choose to use will vary depending on what you are trying to achieve, along with other reasons. This is a subject that can only be properly covered with several texts of information. We bring this type of expertise to bear on the problem of ensuring our clients have a site that will help bring in customers and attract more business. That is the whole purpose of SEO, and the context within which we focus our web development.

When we help our clients with web development, we take into consideration the following issues:

  • Usability: How easily can visitors navigate through the client’s website? Is there a natural flow? Must a potential customer hunt for what they are looking for, or are all products and services simple to find?
  • Accessibility: Somewhat related to usability is the question of the kinds of devices that can reach the website. It is not enough that someone on a smartphone can find it; they should also have a good experience navigating your site from a smaller screen, or any device that is not a desktop or laptop computer. Accessibility also takes into consideration devices that may be used by vision- or hearing-impaired visitors.
  • SEO: Certain website features can be helpful to SEO; others can be harmful if not handled correctly. Even such helpful features as a site-based search engine, shopping cart, or blog can cause problems with SEO implications, depending upon how it is set up.
  • Security: Whenever you collect information from your site visitors, you need to be sure your website is secure to protect that information. You also need to generally secure your site against hackers, malware, and related dangers. Proper web development takes this need for security into consideration.

Web development is not a static field. It is constantly changing and evolving. The same is true for SEO, security and the other areas of importance. Therefore, sites must be periodically reviewed to ensure that they are up to date and offer the best possible functionality. A site that was top of the line a couple of years ago may be missing out on some important recent changes in web development, SEO, security, or one of many other factors that may be involved. Google frequently changes their ranking parameters and algorithms, and it is important to keep up to date with them.

Our deep expertise in web development enables us to modify a site for better results, and even build sites from the ground up. We can advise on CMS choice and the state of the art for the best practices in any of the fields involved. We keep up to date on all new developments in this and many other areas. While it is a complicated field, we are well versed in it, experienced, knowledgeable and capable of whatever level of effort is needed to improve a client’s site performance.