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Social Network Advertising – Which One is Right for Your Business?

Have you considered advertising on a social network? If so, have you considered which social network would be most beneficial for your business?  One of the things to consider is what you are selling? Are you selling products or services? Or are you just getting educational information to people interested in the topic you are […]

Facebook Advertising – How Do You Get Started?

Everyone knows Facebook is one of the top social networks available today. It is a convenient way to catch up with old friends and meet new “friends”, people who associate with the people you do know . We have all seen the development of advertising on Facebook giving companies another avenue to promote and sell their […]

Important Tasks in White Label Social Media Management

Before Facebook and its kin revolutionized the digital landscape, brands only had to deal with one client at a time. Consumer complaints were resolved in private corners, with no crowds to judge your service team’s response. Marketing was something you plodded out on glossy pages, and the word “influencer” was just a grammatical mistake. Today, one bitter buyer […]

Social Media Presence: An Important Factor in Brand Awareness

It is a well known fact that in the current times and trends, social media is all the rage. Rewind back a decade ago, social media was a relatively new concept with limited applications, interfaces, and options. Fast forward to the present times and it is evident that social media has evolved and emerged rather […]

Questions to Ask a White Label Social Media Management Company

Social media marketing has become an essential tool in digital marketing. It can be a source of sales, likes, and clients for online entrepreneurs and businesses. Most grow an interest in using social media to increase their income and client base. During research, it’s common to come across white label social media management which is […]

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FaceBook Blueprint

1. What is Facebook Blueprint and How Do I Get Certified? Facebook is undeniably the most popular social networking service currently operating. As of January 2018, there are more than 2.2 billion monthly active users. As a means to connect friends and family by bringing them closer together through instant status updates, photos, and messages, […]

Beyond the Basics: Taking your Social Media to the Next Level

Beyond the Basics: Taking Your Social Media to the Next Level Social media has taken communication to a whole new level. We recognize and accept that people’s experience can make or break future business through more than just word of mouth. It’s important to hold an upstanding image online as well as communicate effectively through […]

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Social Media Changes for 2018

2018 is here and social media is alive now more than ever before. It’s time to assess all of the changes or growth opportunities through social media this year. The first big change is that Facebook said they will be changing their News Feed algorithm even more this year towards friends and family. This will […]

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Where Should my Business Be On Social Media?

Social Media Management – For My Business  As an entrepreneur, it is sometimes hard to work on the business when you are in the business. Marketing is working in the business and without good direction you’ll never get back on top. Even if you currently have the best structure and product or service time will […]