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Optimizing Google Ads versus Optimizing Microsoft Ads

This is a great topic as at first glance it seems they are the same. They both use keywords, they both use ads, they both have the same major functions. But that is about where the similarities end. There are a lot of minor differences, and even some not so minor, that make each platform […]

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PPC 101 | Three More Tips to Becoming A Better PPC Coordinator

As a coordinator have you ever been asked, “How does pay-per-click work?” Pay-per-click jobs are growing rapidly by the day with new platforms and easier ways to access data. At That Company, the pay-per-click department is structured around fundamentals that the individual coordinator and eventual account manager should possess to help clients make money with […]

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PPC Strategy | Three Tips to Becoming A Better PPC Coordinator

Becoming a PPC Coordinator comes with a lot of responsibility. If you have never done it before then it can be intimidating. You must learn how to operate in the manner the company you work for operates. I could tell from the start at That Company that structure is key. Relationship, attitude, and dependability are […]

10 Questions to Ask a White Label PPC Management Company

If you are an internet marketing company looking for a partner to help you with white label PPC services, you must be ready to ask the right questions. The right white label ppc partners should be able to address all your concerns and provide you with the services you need. The following are some of […]

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White Label Benefits Begin with PPC Management Services

If you are looking for marketing solutions that not only get results but go the extra mile, then you can’t afford to overlook That! Company. We are a white label marketing firm who specializes in PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing strategies. In addition, we also offer social media network management services, SEO, and reputation management. […]

Google Local Services Ads Part 1

There’s nothing like having to sift through ads online trying to find the right company to help you with an emergency. Why do you see some businesses from outside your area when they either can’t take the job due to distance or would take much longer to get to you than someone that actually can […]


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Should You Be Running Google Ads And Bing Ads At The Same Time?

This is a question that we continue to receive from new clients and even existing clients. Because Google is such a power house and mostly recognized name, many people believe that all they need is Google Ads as their driving force of sales, leads, or conversion points. Now, we cannot deny that Google is definitely […]