PPC – Pay Per Click Management

Choosing A Reporting System!

Managing paid search campaigns takes time and expertise on many platforms. There may be some similarities between platforms but for the most part, each platform has its own nuances that require special training. With all the work that goes into running accounts, you need a report to accurately give the client data on how their […]

Google AdBlocking

Wait! Google Is Blocking Ads from Its Own Browser? As of February 15th  2017, Google, a company that depends on advertising for most of its profits has blocked “non-compliant” ads from appearing on its popular Chrome browser. This development is being heralded as an end to annoying ads that start that start the moment you […]

Welcome Aboard!

There are several steps that take place to get a new PPC/SEM account running and it is crucial each step flows smoothly. If one of these steps has flaws the client’s perspective of their newly formed business relationship takes a hit and can take time to overcome. These steps include, but are not limited to, […]

What Are Some Misconceptions About PPC (Part 1 of 2)

The landscape of advertising has changed dramatically over the past few decades. 30 years ago, companies relied on television, radio, newspapers and billboards to advertise and increase brand awareness. Then came “infomercials” that used celebrities to bring credibility to their brand. This was followed by television stations that were dedicated to selling little known products […]

set it and forget it

AI & The Future of PPC

The dream of any employer is to have employees who never get sick, don’t take vacations and never ask for a raise. This utopian version of the future for executives may be closer than any of us think with the rapidly growing influence of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the flagship product of PPC professionals, Google’s […]