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Why Should Your Company Invest In Bing Ads?

I’ve been working in the Paid Search Marketing industry for just over 14 years. In my experience as a PPC Consultant during this time I’ve seen Paid Search grow dramatically. It has expanded from something that companies were wary of, and didn’t want to spend their advertising budget on because they thought it made more […]

12 PPC Ideas When Writing Ads in 2018

Great news! Only 12 steps away from the best text ads you’ve ever written. All aspects of PPC unite together to form a well-oiled machine, we can look at ad copy as the oil that keeps systems running smoothly. Communication is key in good any text ad, space is limited and to get the desirable […]

How to Decide on The Most Effective Keyword Match Type

A Match type is a way of organizing keywords in your AdWords campaign. Match types help rein in and regulate what searches trigger your ad to show up. An eye-opening comparison may be between broad match and exact match. Broad match allows you to reach a wide range of people searching for a keyword while […]

Nonprofits: Would You Like a FREE $10,000 a Month Grant?

Have you ever heard of Google Grants? That Company helps our agency partners get their nonprofit clients Google Grants. A Google Grant is $10,000 USD of in-kind adverting every month from AdWords. Wow! Can you imagine bringing your nonprofit client $120,000 worth of annual value for very little work? We do that! What can a […]

Setting up an AdWords Campaign

Setting up an AdWords campaign can be daunting if you are not prepared. The following article is meant to give you an understanding of the beginning of campaign set up. Also Included below is a brief vocab section of key words to learn and remember in order to have success with AdWords. Decide on a […]

The Importance of Updating

Updates are a generally misunderstood process. Most don’t realize just what updates are for and what they are doing when you get them installed.  In this article I hope to explain a little bit about just why they are important and why you should pay attention to them.  I won’t go into a lot of […]

5 SEO Strategies That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

I think we can all agree that there are a lot of different SEO strategies and sometimes we forget or even ignore some of them in favor of others. It can be difficult to know which ones that you should absolutely focus on and which ones are just good practice. Here are 5 different strategies […]

Google Partners: What Is It and How Does It Help

Are you an advertising agency or other online consultant managing Google AdWords accounts? Do you have access to all of the resources Google has to offer? If you are not utilizing Google Partners you may be short changing yourself. Everyone that has an AdWords account, or manages AdWords accounts for businesses, has access to Googles […]

The Best Ways to Improve Any Site’s SEO

If you want SEO to be successful then you will be doing a lot of backtracking when you start and then develop good habits in for the future. It is important to remove old issues you have been creating and then begin building on the site with positive SEO practices that will be successful. This […]

Bide Your Time

Have you ever seen the Netflix show Stranger Things? You know that show everyone was ranting and raving about and it is kind of like taking the hit movies The Goonies and E.T. and putting them into a show together, you have a very gifted girl with super mind powers on the run from the […]

The Knockout Vs The Submission

Have you ever watched an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight? Or have you ever trained in MMA before? Well if you have then you will know what a knockout is and a submission, a knockout can and usually end very quick and sudden and if you blink you have missed it. Men and women have […]

SERP: How can I rank?

There were a lot of old practices that were/are being used to try and “game” the search engine results page (SERP). Today, it isn’t so easy to do that and that is absolutely a good thing. Google is absolutely the leader in the search engine space with Bing trying to be competition. Since Google is […]

5 Things to Know About Google Call Only Campaigns

  With thousands of articles explain the details of running a Google “Call -Only”, I thought I’ll give it a fair shot. Recently I’ve seen major increases in customers asking for these types of campaigns without truly understanding the full scope of what that entails. Have a read and hopefully this will save yourself some […]

Where Should my Business Be On Social Media?

Social Media Management – For My Business  As an entrepreneur, it is sometimes hard to work on the business when you are in the business. Marketing is working in the business and without good direction you’ll never get back on top. Even if you currently have the best structure and product or service time will […]

Dangerous Advertising on the Internet and the Question of Free Speech

We are living in the beginning of the Golden Age of the collusion information and technology… Given the strength, popularity and overall reach of Google AdWords and social media networks, it should not be surprising that there is a vast array of products and opinions available to be pursued at a digital media user’s whim. […]

The Life Of A Go Getta

There is this very awesome song called “Go Getta” by the artist Young Jeezy and I just happened to stumble on the song and thought to myself this would make a great blog and well here we are. The whole concept of this article will not be about that song but mostly on what it […]

You First Google Adwords Campaign – Part Three

Building A Good Keyword List Now that you understand the match types, let’s look at how you can build a good keyword list. There are many different tools and ways for going about building a good list. Below I’ll list a few of them and then go into more detail on each. Organic research Keyword […]

Your First Google Adwords Campaign – Part Two

Tips On Creating An Effective Ad The thing about creating an effective ad is making sure that it blends in with the rest of the campaign seemlessly. What I mean by this is that your Ads should be just a step in the natural progression of someone doing a search and ultimately finding their desired […]

Your First Google Adwords Campaign – Part One

(Note this is being written just prior to the “new” Adwords interface being set to launch, and I’m sure the set up process will change somewhat. I would hope that they keep the key concepts close enough to the current format that this will still help you along.) The Set Up   Setting up a […]

Turn to Influencers Who Share Your Brand

What’s the issue with branded content in any case? Most branded substance is publicizing under a thin layer of data or diversion. Scratch the paint, discover an advertisement. It’s simply the brand putting first. Branded substance is self-serving, and your following knows it. Don’t make it yourself. Rather utilize influencers. Influencer promoting is ordinarily exhibited […]

Don’t Take It Personally

Many times in life we hear things that we don’t like or we get advice we sometimes do not want or ask for, it happens and sometimes we don’t like it other times we take it with a grain of salt and move on. However in business we sometimes take things very personal, we may […]

Strategies To Help You Become A Better Adwords Remarketer (Part 2) 

Hello, and welcome to my multi-part article series on “Strategies to Help You Become a Better Adwords Remarketer”. In my last article we covered a number of things that we could do to help you refine your remarketing strategies when building out your remarketing audience lists. In this article I want to take some time […]

Strategies To Help You Become A Better Adwords Remarketer 

As the title suggests, this article is made to help you become a better Remarketer in Adwords. So, I’m going to assume that you are already familiar with Adwords Remarketing as our goal here is to make you better. So you should each already be knowledgeable in regards to Remarketing Lists (Audiences), and how to […]

Being R.A.D. Isn’t Always About Being Cool

So even though times have changed and new terminology has been adopted, you may still here someone say “wow that was a RAD company”. When you hear the word RAD it makes you think of something cool or awesome, but sometimes you need to take a deeper look to determine whether they we indeed RAD. […]

10 Ways Agencies can be of better value to their customers

I’ve been exploring the concept of writing down 10 new ideas a day. I’ve become a fan of Hal Elrod and The Miracle Morning which I highly recommend everyone read (Get 2 free chapter free here). I then started to listen to Hal’s podcast at which point I learned about Claudia Azula Altucher and her […]

What Is Search Console?

What Is Search Traffic In Search Console? How Does Search Traffic In Search Console Help? What Is Search Console? Search Console is a free service provided by Google for webmasters and site owners to use to examine and evaluate their site(s) to ensure that they are user friendly and functioning properly. Follow this link to […]

So You Want To Do Marketing

There are a lot of moving pieces involved in  creating a successful marketing campaign, and making that campaign work. I’ve created a list to help simplify the process  in a way that makes sense to a normal person. Yes, I’ve been resigned to the fact and accepted   that I’m probably not the most normal person. […]

5 Killer Tips To Create The PERFECT Web Design Process – Web Designer Approved

That Company provides white label digital marketing solutions and a majority of our partners are freelance web developers / web development agencies. Today we’re going to address how to manage unlimited client design change requests. If you’re a web developer/designer I’m sure you’ve experienced a situation with a client who wants to change their mind […]

Why Is Social Media Important To My Brand?

Social media is the fastest way for a brand to connect to a consumer. This plays an important role in customer satisfaction, brand recognition and brand identity. This closes the gap between the distant phone call and email that most brands use to communicate in today’s fast paced world. Social media gives you the luxury […]

Standing Out Above The Rest

What makes a company stand out above all the others? Is it the employees? Is it the business itself? Or is it proper advertising? The answer is all three. A lot of people think that one out does the other but they don’t. In order to stand out you have to be willing to bring […]

Making A Fixed Width Website Mobile Friendly

There was a time, when my biggest worry as a graphic designer and web developer was making my CSS function in Internet Explorer. Not only is IE still a pain in the rear, now we have to worry about numerous screen sizes and operating systems. There will be a time when mobile overtakes desktop browsing. […]

Shopping Campaign Basics For Your Adwords Account (Continued)

Previously we discussed some of the requirements in getting a simple shopping campaign set up. The majority of the items we will be discussing will be over in the Google Merchant Center, which at this point you should have, and have some of the basic information already in place already. If not, you can refer […]

Shopping Campaign Basics For Your Adwords Account

A successful strategy often starts with having the proper pieces in place, and Shopping Campaigns can be among the better performing campaigns within your Google Account, if you’ve properly set key settings and feed criteria. There are many ecommerce businesses out there that are selling their products with traditional search campaigns, and are doing very […]

Step by Step Instructions to Handle Negative Facebook Reviews

The protocol for managing negative remarks via social media is not the same as managing standard grievances, by telephone or email. There is this one reason: it’s too simple to transform a social media complaint into a catastrophe. Why would it be a good idea for me to think about social media reviews? Social media […]

Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen

How many times as a search engine optimization consultant do we run into the situation where there’s multiple hands working on a website, one where you’ve been contracted to improve ranking results? For me, it’s been one time too many. You accept responsibility for a less than strong performance, one with a poor ranking result […]

Eight Ideas That Can Lead to Instagram Success

Instagram has quickly grown to be one the largest, most used apps of this generation, and tails only behind Facebook. Not only does Instagram get more engagement than any other social network, but it’s also used by 48 million Millennials, with a total of 600 million users total. The app has doubled in usage since […]

What Is Rank 0?

What Is A Rank 0 Result? Rank 0, also known as a featured snippet, is the expanded result appearing above the number one ranking result on the page one results in the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Rank 0 results generally answer questions for a search query term. In addition, typically, they contain an […]

Rank 0

A Guide to Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an exciting new concept. It’s about tapping into interesting people that already have a fan base or organizations connected directly to the content they create. This could be in Youtube, Instagram or even Snapchat. Below is a 5 step guide without spilling all of our secrets on how to get started doing […]

Ad Copy Ideas You Can Start Using Right Away In Adwords

It’s no secret that Google has been hard at work over the past couple years now, implementing new tools, layouts, designs and formats. It’s been a bumpy road, especially since February 2016, when Google changed the ad layout for Paid Search Ads, when they retracted the side ads from Google Search Results. They didn’t stop […]

Project Management Mentality VS. CEO Mentality

A Letter to all of our white label partners, Your long-term success is That Company’s goal. Which means the success of your clients is our goal. Now, how do you get the most out of what we have to offer, achieve greater profitability, and ultimately build a bigger, badder business? One of the key differentiators […]

Over Optimizing Your Adwords Campaigns Can Cost You Big

While Google Adwords has many optimization points to it that will help you with turning your advertising dollars into profit, there is such a thing as over-optimization, when it comes to Adwords. Oftentimes, it is obvious that too much tweaking and knob-turning is going on within the account, but there are other times where you […]

Keeping It Simple Recently updated !

Sometimes it’s the little details that can make or break the success of a web page. Many often go overlooked simply because in the eye of the website creator it makes sense to them. Visually, consider things as simple as menu placement or contact information. We’ve all visited those sites that have an amazing floating […]

Web Development for SEO: Another One Almost Goes South

  This is why you have an SEO company, like That! Company, to catch and correct what goes wrong with the re-design of an existing website. As anyone that works in the internet marketing industry and has gone through a re-build of a functioning website knows, a myriad of things can go wrong. Recently, a […]

How to Get the Most out of Google’s New Expanded Text Ads

We are declaring December to be the transition month for ETAs also known as expanded text ads. Google has advised all AdWords advertisers to complete at least one expanded text ad for each active adgroup. Google has issued a statement that the traditional shorter text ads will be gradually faded out, with the most updated […]

What are Best Practices and Why are They Important?

According to Wikipedia ; “A best practice is a method or technique that has been generally accepted as superior to any alternatives because it produces results that are superior to those achieved by other means, or because it has become a standard way of doing things, e.g., a standard way of complying with legal or […]