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How to Get the Most Out Of Your Search Engine   Recently updated !

I commonly use every day a search engine looking for a variety of parameters (keywords or phrases or questions). But, like millions of people, I probably may not be using the search engine to its full potential. After starting to be more involved in the SEO techniques, I acknowledge some tips and tricks of search […]

Utilizing YouTube to Help Your Business

Utilizing YouTube to Help Your Business   I’m sure the thought has come across your mind as to how you can improve your reach, attract more customers to your business, and at the same time demonstrate your product/service on top of improving sales? If your business is up-to-date with the current times, then you’re already […]


                                     S.W.A.G   I know what you are thinking. This article is going to be about clothing or style, right? WRONG! Just because I used that acronym does not always mean that is what it means. In this […]

Beyond the Basics: Taking your Social Media to the Next Level

Beyond the Basics: Taking Your Social Media to the Next Level Social media has taken communication to a whole new level. We recognize and accept that people’s experience can make or break future business through more than just word of mouth. It’s important to hold an upstanding image online as well as communicate effectively through […]

How to Increase Client Good Will & Happiness by Promising Less!

There is one factor that dramatically impacts a client’s satisfaction with your services. That factor is “good expectations”. Let’s run through a scenario – Imagine it’s Friday night and you’re going out on a hot date (for those of you married, yes you can still get excited about a date with your spouse!) You get […]

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How to Design a Website that Works

To the detriment of many small to mid-sized companies they simply don’t have the time or resources to properly plan and test their websites user experience (often referred to as the websites UX). Because of this what ends up happening is that the website designer / developer will create a site that is based of […]

What Are Some Misconceptions About PPC (Part 1 of 2)

The landscape of advertising has changed dramatically over the past few decades. 30 years ago, companies relied on television, radio, newspapers and billboards to advertise and increase brand awareness. Then came “infomercials” that used celebrities to bring credibility to their brand. This was followed by television stations that were dedicated to selling little known products […]

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SEO Success Through Understanding Website Architecture

SEO Success Through Understanding Website Architecture Success in SEO can sometimes be difficult if we don’t take into account the functionality of the website as a whole. There are many on page efforts that you can adjust such as the meta data, content, and internal linking that boost SEO rankings. However, if you forget to […]

Google Vs. Amazon War – The Product Listing Advertising (PLA) War?

Ok, so all the speculation is in. We all know Amazon is about to kill the game! From offering enhanced Product Listing Advertising (PLA’s) to their A9 algorithm and enhanced search features, Amazon  offers some digital marketers a dream! Make money fast. As ROAS (Return OnAdSpend) rules monthly budget conversations, many business owners have less […]