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The “Other” Optimizations

While some might say SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” was introduced when the first website was published in 1991, it didn’t become an actual term or utilized skill until about 1997. Before search engine optimization was chosen as the official name there were a variety of terms used to represent the strategy. For example: Search […]

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The Latest on Google’s June Core Algorithm Update

On June 3rd, Google began to roll out an algorithm update. It was the largest core update since at least October of 2018, and judging by the results, probably even longer than that. It was such a big deal, Google warned us about it the day before it happened. It was such a big deal, […]

Keep Content Creation In Mind For Mobile

Top 4 Essential SEO Strategies to Focus On

When someone talks about SEO strategies, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? You may think about link building or content creation, right? Well, these two items are certainly valuable, and you’ll find them on our list. A quick search on SEO strategies will inundate you with a host of strategies that you can […]

Ride The Wave This Algorithm Change

Ride Google’s Algorithm Wave, or Sink

If you have decided to try and find success in the digital industry universe, you must compete. In order to compete with those with relevant search terms to your own, your business must rank in search engines. In order to gain any rank in Google or the many other search engines, you must optimize. The […]

What are Search Engines and Why Are They Important?

The word “search engine” can be divided in two parts. Search basically means search or retrieval of data, while engine can be a program designed to analyze or retrieve the data from the internet. In other words, the word search engine means a service that allows the users on the internet to search for any […]

When considering, what are search engines? you must go back to 1990.

Basic Elements And Strategies Of A Successful Search Engine Optimization Campaign – Part 1

Keyword Research Keyword Match Metadata Page Title Creation And Implementation Metadata Metadescription Creation And Implementation What are the basic elements and strategies of a successful search engine optimization campaign? Each and every search engine optimization campaign management consultant has their own ideas about search engine optimization strategy and deployment. Each website provides its own challenges […]

Where To Begin with Keyword Research