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Educated Choices: E-Newsletter Typeface Families   Recently updated !

Can we all get along? In no way does e-newsletter layout and design have the significance or weight of the following historical reference. However, the memory for this writer of a certain quote was so poignant, it is unforgettable. The fact that choices in typography bear some momentary parallel is coincidental, and any offense is […]

Your Businesses Most Valuable Asset: Time   Recently updated !

For most, if not all, entrepreneurs who decide to start a business, the goal is usually the same, success. One thing that will make most entrepreneurs believe they have achieved success is profit, or in other words money. This leads many to believe that monetary status is the most important aspect of keeping a business […]

Seasonal Content

If you think seasonal advertising is what corresponds to what colors decorate the aisles of your local Walmart, you are mistaken. Without the need to work with physical decorations, online marketers can adapt their messaging to fit a plethora of holidays and events with minimal effort. All that is needed is a calendar and some […]

Why Humor is needed in Customer Service?

“Laughter is the best medicine,” is a well-known phrase and the effect it has on a stressed and confused mind is enormous. (Of course, the enormity is relative to the degree of relief and not confusion!). Laughter, humor, and a general attitude of casualness instills a feeling of ease, relaxation, and relief in a person. […]

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Educated Choices: E-Newsletter Design Elements

What makes it readable, clickable, and valuable? If you are authoring e-newsletters for business, I expect you are doing so for a valid business purpose and not the immense glory of being a “published writer.” Valid purposes might include having a recipient act upon some of the content, perhaps by clicking on a link to […]

“I Got My First Job by Wearing a Suit”

I was chatting with an older gentleman the other day at a bar and he told me the fascinating story of getting his first job as a ground’s keeper for a cemetery. The same job eventually transitioned into him running the entire cemetery. He eventually retired after 27 years having had a successful and satisfying […]


Cultivating Leads

Lead generation is a core function of any business. You have to generate a steady influx of clients and customers. There are several means to do this and some work better than others depending upon your vertical, your budget, and most importantly YOU! Some people are better at cold calls than others, some people have […]

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That VS Vendasta Table 1

That! Company VS Vendasta Reviews

With Internet Marketing being the most important avenue for advertising in the virtual world, it is important to make sure you know what your are dealing with when looking for a White Label marketing agency. While many of these companies do a great job, alot of them don’t do all of the work. Although Vendasta […]