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10 Questions to Ask a White Label PPC Management Company

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If you are an internet marketing company looking for a partner to help you with white label PPC services, you must be ready to ask the right questions. The right white label PPC management company should be able to address all your concerns and provide you with the services you need. The following are some of the basic questions to ask.

How Well Does Your Company Respond to Google Changes?

white label ppc certificationsThis question is very important because there are is always something new happening with Google. The right White Label PPC Management Company should be able to adapt to all the changes. If a company is not constantly conducting research to identify Google changes, it is unlikely to provide you with the white label PPC services you need. They should provide you with proof that they are constantly trying out different tactics to achieve better results.

Do You Have A Clear Way to Measure Results?

If a company is unable to measure success, it may be difficult for you to know if their services are working for you. You may assume that all white label PPC companies have a way to measure success but that is not always the case. Different firms have different objectives. Some of them may be focused on increasing the number of clicks and visitors to your site while others are focused on conversions. The right company should have a strategic way of measuring conversions. Your visitors should want to do business with you and not just visit your site. Think about the type of leads you want to attract and find out if a white label PPC company helps you to measure the results accurately. Their definition of progress should match with yours.

How Do You Intend to Improve My Brand Awareness and Rankings?

Consider a company’s pay per click management services. The right White Label PPC Management Company should focus on accountability and delivery of results. If you are still trying to pick the right white labelling company for your business, compare the strategies of different companies for improving your brand awareness and rankings. Beware of companies who promise to deliver results too fast. Increasing brand awareness and your SEO rankings will take a long time. The right company should provide you with a step by step guide of how they intend to improve your brand awareness. If the process seems unrealistic, it probably isn’t the right company for you.

How Do You Intend to Communicate with My Team?

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Nothing is worse than doing business with a company which you are unable to reach. Even companies that offer you great services at low rates may be inappropriate if you don’t have a clear channel of communication. Stay away from companies that will give you machine automated answers. There should be a human being at the other end of a call to provide you with answers when you need help. Some companies use advanced software which only requires you to enter a ticket. That is fine if you are okay with that time of communication. Ask about the turnaround time and whether your ticket will have an SLA.

Pay attention to the way a company’s members of staff speak to you. Do not always take their word for it. The right company should speak to you with respect at all times. They should try to understand the needs of your business before attempting to provide you with solutions.


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Do I Get A Contract From Your White Label PPC Management Company?

You should always have a contract before getting into business with a company. A good contract will help you set your expectations. It should stipulate how you are going to do business and the approaches they take.

What Is Your Payment Schedule?

Different companies may have different payment schedules. Find out the payment schedule of your white label PPC company and ensure that it matches your expectations. Understand the cost of their services and when they expect you to complete the payment. Ask about their process of putting in a termination notice and how your partnership is going to work. This will help you avoid disappointments in the future.

Does Your White Label PPC Management Company Offer Any Resources or Training?

Every white label PPC company offers a unique set of resources and training. Always ask about the different resources and training that a company offers before making your decision. The right company should provide you with the training to help you make the most from internet marketing. They should educate you on emerging online marketing trends. If they offer training, there are a few questions to ask including; what type of training do you offer? And Do you have any webinars during the training? Ask about the company’s assets that may be useful to you. The assets may include; eBooks, proposals, and online guides. Companies that care about the needs of their clients are likely to have a lot of resources for their customers.

Is There A Way for Me to Track Campaigns?

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This is a question that no business should fail to ask their white label PPC Company. If there is no way to track your campaigns, it may be difficult for you to know what is happening. It is wise to work with a company which provides you with a transparent account of how the campaigns happen. Most of them have software which helps you track your campaigns. Different companies have different approaches to tracking campaigns. Go with the one that best suits your needs. Do not work with companies that are willing to provide you with rankings without an explanation of how they were achieved. Always ask for reports so you can maintain control of your business.

What Is Your Customer Service Process?

How easy is to access your white label PPC company when you need them? Asking this question will help you set realistic expectations. Ask if they are available 24/7 and if your account manager will always be willing to talk to you. find out who will be responding to your questions. Some of the less successful companies may have an inexperienced person attempting to answer your questions. Others may have the owners doubling up as customer care agents. Asking this question during the interview process will help you choose the company that is in the best position to address the needs of your company.

How Long Have You Been in The Business?

Even though experience is not always an assurance of good service, it is an important consideration. Find out how experienced the PPC partner of your choice is. Does it have a lot of experience in its practice? How many clients has it worked within that period? And From what industries were its clients? This information will help you make the right decision. Understanding the context of the company may make it easier to determine if it is appropriate for your needs. A company that has worked with a lot of clients from your industry is likely to do a good job.

When working with a white label PPC company, you need to be very cautious, so you do not get a bad deal. A bad deal is when you spend a lot of your money trying to hire a good partner but fail to get the desired results.

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