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Keep Politics Out of It

With mid-term elections just around the corner we are being slammed with political ads everywhere we look, From stacks of post cards and flyers in our mailboxes every day to ads at every commercial break on television and pre-recorded phone calls during dinner. It’s enough to drive you crazy! There are no restrictions on how […]

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Does Keyword Density Still Matter – SEO Guide

Does keyword density still matter?   Yes, Keyword densities still matter. You hear far less about it today in SEO circles, but keyword density remains an essential part of good SEO. The fact is that other as SEOs have begun to disregard it simply creates an opportunity for those who are willing to put in […]

Responding to Reviews – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Reviews are an extremely important aspect of any business nowadays. Being aware of how one’s business is being perceived by your customers is just one aspect to the review system. A major aspect of the review system is to see what potential customers will see. You want to make sure that your business is being […]

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White Label SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is as old as search engines themselves. Its pioneers discovered they could influence their sites’ rank in the late Nineties. Blackhat SEO was born in all its manipulative splendor, and Google began pushing against its error-ridden, impenetrably-spun content. The advent of Hummingbird and Panda finally succeeded at ranking honest, organic writing, but not […]

SEO Reseller Program: Is It For You?

If your agency is heavy on brick-and-mortar marketing talent but light on digital marketing expertise, you can expect to pay $175 an hour for every SEO professional you hire. That’s not the entirety of your losses, though. US businesses lose $75 billion a year due to shoddy customer service. This leaves small and mid-sized agencies with a […]


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Search Engine Optimization Campaign Site Elements

What you will find in this post are some of the elements that we address at the beginning of any new Search Engine Optimization Campaign, as well as throughout the term of any ongoing campaign. That is, after we have identified important keywords for the campaign. Broken External Links An external link is a link […]

Lessons of Confidence from the Duck Commander

The show Duck Dynasty debuted in March of 2012. It starred a family of Louisiana natives who revolutionized the way people duck hunt along with some pretty hysterical hijinks done by the brothers. And who could ever forget Uncle Si? This show was an instant hit with viewers. It did not consist of your average […]

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Are You Prepared to Handle Too Much Success?

Every single person who has a thought to start any kind of business has had the exact same goal in common: success. No one even begins to have ideas of starting a company without initially having a desire for success. Whether it’s a kid opening a lemonade stand (very successful in my state of Florida) […]

How Coding Affects Thinking!

Coding requires you to learn multiple languages that are designed to build instructions a machine can read. Your first coding/programming language influences and even dictates how you think about data structures, algorithms, and more. Because of this multiple learning and thinking development, we can get exposed to less natural communication and more mathematical, logically constrained […]


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6 Bad SEO Tactics to Avoid

There are several bad SEO tactics that need to be avoided completely, though some people still use them.  We’ll talk about six of them here so that you can avoid them and/or avoid anyone who suggests any of these SEO tactics.  You definitely want to make sure that if someone is offering you any SEO […]