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SEO Reseller Program: Is It For You?

If your agency is heavy on brick-and-mortar marketing talent but light on digital marketing expertise, you can expect to pay $175 an hour for every SEO professional you hire. That’s not the entirety of your losses, though. US businesses lose $75 billion a year due to shoddy customer service. This leaves small and mid-sized agencies with a dilemma: If you lack the funds to cover a digital marketing professional to serve your clients, your bank balance ultimately shrinks your expense account even further, leaving you even more hopeless than you were before. To tangle you up in an even tighter knot, launching your own online marketing department can cost you a fortune in human resources costs, training, and overheads. Thankfully, there’s a solution, and it won’t cost you a cent more than it profits you: An SEO reseller program lets you outsource specialist skills and personalized service at the fraction of the costs of doing it in-house.

Understanding Your Pain Points

If your staff is continuously having to nip and tuck their strategies to make up for service failures, it’s time to look at your pain points with fresh eyes. An SEO reseller program will address them by carrying your services online, and it’s just as important to your brand identity.

Ten years ago, your brand may have been as complete as a Monet painting, water lilies and all. If you haven’t kept up with technological change, though, your figurative palette will have become dull and your metaphorical landscape, a little empty. If you no longer offer a holistic strategy, your brand will have become as unfinished as that painting. If you pick up a paintbrush and try to touch it up despite your lack of skill and knowledge, your end result will be as underwhelming as your incomplete brand. White label services let you benefit from superlative skill and knowledge without requiring you to upgrade your abilities. A white label SEO reseller program may offer you a range of services, including:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Reputation management
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  • Link building
  • Influencer marketing

White label products can also support your clients through telephonic services that are provided under your own banner. A digital agency partner will soothe your pain points without requiring you to pay for services you don’t need. In return, you get to offer holistic, results-based campaigns that are supported by analytics.

SEO Reseller Program: The Evolving Campaign

Today’s online marketing machine marches to the beat of an ever-changing drum, so no campaign should ever be static. It must adjust to new algorithms, online advertising trends, and changing consumer responses. Your Facebook strategy might have worked in 2009, but Edgerank changes are always working against your efforts. The same applies to any digital medium:

  • Twitter launched a new algorithm in 2016, after which banner advert engagement dropped to 0.04% in 2017. It launched an even newer algorithm in 2018.
  • Pinterest changes its algorithms at least once a year.
  • Google’s PPC features and algorithms change almost as often as Google search itself.
  • Consumers are using the internet differently now that half of all searches are done via mobile. SERPs are evolving in tandem.
  • Social media users are whimsical about their preferences, so networks attract different demographics each year. Facebook, for example, was once every marketer’s darling, but page engagement has dropped by a startling 50%.

To remain relevant, you must tie your campaigns to emerging data. The joints must be oiled so that your products are always nimble enough to leap at emerging opportunities. Merely constructing the machine and fueling it once isn’t enough. The online marketing machine evolves so rapidly that you need dedicated professionals who keep up with daily progress.


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HR Nightmares and Hiring Crises

Hiring entry-level SEO staff can cost you $65, 000 a year, but nurturing your own department isn’t as easy as simply handing over the salaries. SEO is the most in-demand skill in the marketing space, with 150, 000 jobs emerging in Ireland alone. “A lot of companies are still looking for broad digital marketing skills at Manager and Executive level,” says Jane Creaner Glen, “Although, as the industry matures it is separating out more into specific skills areas, such as Content, SEO/SEM, Analytics and Social Media.” You don’t merely need a staff complement, but highly specialized C-suite executives to guide them. That! Company provides both in a single, easy-to-use service bundle.

The Magic of Scaling

SEO Reseller Program - Make Magic Happen

Digital marketing should scale in the long term and the short. Your profit potential must be multiplied as far as possible while scaling with the passage of time. To achieve that, marketing agencies tend to use shortcuts. They cram multiple clients into the same Google Ads accounts, which can make their ad extensions descend into chaos and even result in suspension. Inexperienced agencies often use their existing pricing structures for new services, undercharging for PPC and SEM without accounting for the maintenance required to manage a results-based model. In so doing, they take unnecessary risks without taking time to focus on search query reports and other important optimization tools.

An SEO reseller program evades those common mistakes while letting you focus on your core competencies. It delivers scalable results that build on resources few marketing agencies can replicate. Blogging influencers and powerful editorial relationships deliver exceptional returns, but only established digital agencies can leverage them.

SEO becomes more complex with each passing day. Niche e-commerce, content creation, and social media algorithm skills are the core of a profitable campaign, but training a dedicated team of specialists can detract from your existing employees’ talents. You wouldn’t ask Kathleen Swanson to manage your HR department or Seth Godin to handle your bookkeeping, and you shouldn’t ask your advertising talent to manage your PPC campaign.

How an SEO Reseller Program Works

An SEO reseller program gives you access to an entire team of experts, or,  if you already have a digital marketing department, a clutch of niche services. If your team is gifted with Hummingbird but has no social influencer relationships, you can outsource your social media content management. If your SEO campaign isn’t achieving rank, your white label provider can hone your existing strategy. If you lack the staff to handle your inbound campaign, you can outsource it. Just like a bespoke suit, you can tailor your SEO reseller program to every curve and bump, and the results are yours to enjoy. Contact That! Company to open up a new avenue towards profits.


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