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3 Easy Design Trends for 2016

UX (User experience)

Users are not going to care how cool your design is. If they can’t quickly find the info
rmation they are looking for, they are going to click the back button. Period.

If they have to wait for your fancy slide shows, videos, and pop-ups to finish doing their thing, chances are they are leaving. Keep this in mind when developing your website. Usability is extremely important. It needs to load fast and be easy to use. Remember, your competitors are just 1 click back.

Responsive Websites

This really isn’t a trend. It became relevant earlier this year when
Google changed their algorithm to penalize websites that were not mobile-friendly. Mobile is now becoming the 1st screen people use when visiting a website. Make sure your website has excellent usability on all mobile formats and resolutions. The one size fits all mantra no longer applies.

Modular design


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Similar to the Windows 10 interface, information is broken into a grid pattern to help readability and keep users engaged. Very similar to a magazine layout, websites are starting to function in the same fashion. I mean who likes to read 15 paragraphs of text? Boring!

The Key to all this is to combine these trends while still having that “cool factor.” Whether that is cool typography, info-graphics or your color scheme. If you can attain that, you’ve found your sweet spot for effective marketing.

Izaak Hale, Web Designer

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