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3 Simple Changes to Improve Landing Page Conversion

landing page conversion

So you set up a landing page to generate warm leads and help grow your business through internet marketing. It may be doing well, or it may not be meeting your expectations for converting clicks into leads. Either way, there is always room for improvement. This article will highlight three simple changes you can make to improve landing page conversions.

The first change you can make is eliminating navigation links from your landing page. You want to eliminate any distractions that could potentially divert a visitor’s attention away from completing the conversion form. Whether it’s clicking to your site’s homepage or jumping to your Facebook page, once they leave, they may not come back. By eliminating any navigational links, you increase the chances that they will remain on the page and complete the form.

The second change you can make is adding images and videos. Images and videos can help your visitors process information more efficiently. By strategically placing images and videos, such as a coupon image or an informative video, you can help people understand your product or service more effectively, which in turn could help persuade someone to fill out your form.

The third change you can make is to provide compelling information on your landing page. Common knowledge may suggest that people like things short and to the point. But some subjects require more comprehensive details or explanation. Consumers will invest more time to make sure they are properly informed before they make a decision. The focus of your content should be on providing the appropriate amount of detail instead of minimizing length. When the content gives the visitor the right amount information to make an informed decision, it can help persuade them to fill out the form.

So there you have it. Three minor changes that could increase your landing page conversions. However, landing pages are not one size fits all. These changes, or any changes for that matter, should always be A/B tested, and the results tracked and compared. So make these changes and start testing. Compare your results and identify what works best for your business.

Written By: Jacob Sprague – M.A.D
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