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3 Simple Ways to Increase Lead to Sale Conversion Rates 

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Be Persistent, Be On Time, Make Every Interaction Valuable. Marketing and Sales at its finest means that you pay close attention to these 3 things and apply them every day. How many times have you missed an opportunity because you didn’t follow up appropriately? How many times have you missed an opportunity because you didn’t show up to a meeting on time? How many times have you heard “We don’t see the value in moving forward at this time”?

Granted that last one cannot always be avoided; however, how many times have you had unproductive meetings or followed up for the sake of following up and didn’t have anything new or valuable to share?

The best sales personnel don’t just “follow up” or “check in” or even “touch base”. They have something new and interesting to share with their prospect that adds to the conversation. Sometimes it’s not a huge change or innovation, but sometimes it’s something small that keeps the prospect talking and moving in the right direction.

So when you think about improving your sales/marketing efforts, make sure that you are doing these 3 things as well as possible before you try to shove more leads down their throats. More leads are great, but only if the existing ones are being taken care of appropriately.

Be Persistent

Be On Time


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Be Valuable

Written By: Mike Knorr

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