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4 Benefits Of Using YouTube When Marketing Online For Your Business

use youtube for online marketing When you first start planning out how you want to go about marketing your business online, there are quite a lot of options for you to consider. Some companies are large enough, and have enough of an advertising budget to target a number of larger platforms without having to pay attention to their spending so closely. Then there are the smaller companies, the mom-and-pop companies, that need to worry about every cent that goes out into the internet.  These are the companies that stand to lose the most from advertising as they generally are a month (or two, or three) out from possibly going bankrupt. Every minute and every dollar means the world to these types of companies, and that is why they need to be thinking about the most cost-effective online platforms to help them reach the exact type of visitor that they should be targeting. We know that Google Ads and Facebook Paid Ads are two of the largest online platforms that are at their disposal, but does that mean that they are going to be the most expensive? Not necessarily. Inside each platform there are a number of ways to “skin a cat,” for lack of a better term, nowadays. However, the one thing that they all have in common when looking for the most cost-effective way to find their audience is, ironically, “audiences”. You can self-define your audiences based on several criteria such as web page visits or campaigns that may have been triggered through a paid search, but I’ve found that one of the best ways to get started with audiences is to use some of the pre-defined audiences that some platforms currently use. For instance, Google Ads,  has a few different types to use including “In-Market”, “Custom Intent”, and “Affinity” audiences among others. Utilizing these types of audiences, you can select and/or choose which type of audience that you think would be specifically interested in your specific product(s) or service(s). One of the largest sites that provides us with access to the data to define or categorize these audiences is YouTube. As a matter of fact, YouTube is the second most visited site out there according to Alexa, and when you are looking for a place to advertise cheaply one of the most important things to take into consideration is the amount of traffic that site gets.  Simply put, you are looking for great exposure for a low price… and YouTube is one of the best places to get that. So, let’s investigate some of the top benefits to using YouTube to market your business online. Here we go…

Producing A Large Volume Of Traffic For Your Business.

break out of slumps with youtubeAccording to YouTube, they have “…over 1 billion users” which they have self-defined as “…almost one-third of the internet.”1 Their official claim is that, “Over 1.9 Billion logged-in users visit YouTube each month and every day people watch over a billion hours of video and generate billions of views.” Let me say that again. Over 1 Biliion Views each day! That’s over a billion opportunities to have your business promoted every day. Now, of course you aren’t going to advertise to every user every day, but you get the idea here. There is unlimited potential here to tap into a niche audience that matches your specific product or service. Video hasn’t always been where most businesses have turned to in previous years to market themselves, but as cable continues to die a slow death and people turn to online video platforms to get their media fix, YouTube is becoming a larger player in the advertising field. TYouTube’s ability to allow us to segment audiences based on what they are viewing is the main selling point.

Get The ROI You’re Looking For From A Proven Platform

Yes, we all expect there to be some type of ROI when doing any type of advertising, but what if I could tell you that 87% of businesses use video as an online marketing tool currently. Would that help get you interested in utilizing advertising on YouTube? No? What if I told you that 91% of businesses that use video to market themselves look at video as imperative branch of their marketing strategy. Would that sway your decision to start using YouTube for advertising? Still no? Well, what if I could tell you that 83% of these marketers are conveying that they get a good ROI from their video advertising efforts. How would that make you feel about advertising on YouTube? I would imagine that of all the stats I’ve given above that the 83% that it gives them good ROI is the most persuasive. If 83% of video marketers can tell me that I should use a specific platform… I’m listening and acting on it. (data used in the paragraph above was shared from wyzowl’s “The State of Video Marketing 2019”)

Increase Public Understanding Of Your Product or Service

youtube helps understanding of your productIncreasing brand awareness is great, but what does that help you if people can’t understand what, or how, your product / service helps or benefits them personally. Nobody is going to buy what you’re selling if they don’t see any value in it for themselves. That’s just the high-level facts. Over 93% of video marketers agree that the use of video has helped to raise the understanding that their targeted audience has about their product / service, and over 80% of marketers insist that the use of video and video ads has attributed to the growth of leads generated. Lastly, to take it a step further, over 40% of marketers maintain that with the increased understanding that visitors have due to the use of video, they are tracking a drop in overall support calls which only helps increase the efficiency of your internal resources.

Increase Your Rankings In Search Engines

It’s no secret that the major search engines out there all seem to rank videos highly on their search engine results page(s) (SERPs). This is because visitors generally enjoy watching videos more than reading about something. Think about all the people that say they would rather watch the movie than read the book. People today want their information, and they want it fast and now! Back in 2006 we saw Google purchase YouTube pretty much for the sole purpose of the fact that they had the foresight to see that video was going to most likely replace television at some point in the future. What better property to own but the domain that everyone already goes  to watch videos? YouTube, the perfect place for online advertising. So, the note to take here is that video can also help you rank organically. The trick is to setup your YouTube Channel and gain credibility in the industry through engaging and beneficial video marketing strategies and tactics. As you continue to grow brand awareness you will see increased web traffic referrals coming from each of your videos.

Following these strategies and tactics will help you increase organic rankings, brand awareness, and ultimately web traffic and leads/sales. Have Fun!


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