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6 Tips On How To Grow Your Google+ Fan Base to 1,000 & Beyond.

1. Buy Them. NO, DON’T DO THIS!
It may be tempting, but in the long-run it’s going to reduce your engagement and is going to make your page perform poorly in terms of engagement compared to others. Bots don’t engage and thus will hurt you in the long-term.

2. Content
Before you can even think of gaining new followers you have to give your content the love and attention it needs. If you’re using other social networks that have greater followers use the lessons you’re learning there as to what content works/doesn’t and start posting good, thoughtful, funny, engaging content.

3. Email Blast
Few people want to follow a page that doesn’t have any followers currently. However if you’re just starting up your customers are a bit more understanding if you announce that you’re just getting serious about the social network. Once you have the content piece down pat now you should reach out to prospects you’re nurturing/existing customers and give them a good reason on why they should take the time to follow you on Google+. Hopefully your content speaks for itself. We don’t recommend a huge incentive right up front as that would lead to gaining followers that don’t truly plan on engaging. That would be almost as bad buying them. Almost… Overall use your email list and simply make it know you’re there.

4. Put the G+ button on your site
This may not gain you a ton of followers, but active G+ users will in fact take a second to see if you’re worth following; thus why you want to get your content plan in gear first. Doing the email blast first will also fill out the page a bit and show you’re worth them following you.

5. Generate Curiosity by following new people.
Like twitter brands/people are equals. So follow new people that are relevant. When you follow someone you’re likely to gain 1.2 seconds for them to check you out. So make sure what they see on your page is good enough for them to reciprocate.

Here’s a few ways to find new people to follow:


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  1. Use the discovery option to find new people in your industry.
  2. Check out the following of other relevant brands and celebrities.
  3. Also, check out the list of people that have engaged with a popular post in your industry.

6. Advertise
Well right know +Post ads on the Google Display Network (GDN) have been in beta for a few months now, but the engagement ad option is still only available to advertisers with at least 1,000 followers on their pages or profiles. So this is the final option you can employ to grow your fan base, but you have to show Google you have a good following before you can use it.

Good luck getting to your first 1,000! Remember it’s all about engagement. The following number isn’t as important as people loving what you have to offer. If you engage others and push it along with these few options you’ll grow in no time.

Written By: Michael Knorr – Director of Marketing and Sales


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