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A Day in the Life at That Company

As I look back on my first week or so of working with That! Company, I begin to realize I’m working with a team of highly trained yet strangely humble professionals.


It is rare in these harsh economic times to hear a recent graduate getting hired in their field of study within three months of receiving their diploma; especially, in the marketing/advertising industry. But as luck may have it, among a sea of applicants they chose me…


The first day, classically dressed in a crisp, white blouse with an Asian collar, my aunt’s well fitting black pencil skirt, light grey tights, black leather flats, and my lucky meteorite necklace, I walked in the door with an optimistic smile thinking I wonder how well I will fit That! Company’s Receptionist job description. At 9:15 AM, I was announced at the Monday morning company meeting and will never forget the looks on a few people’s faces when I pointed around the room and recited everyone’s names. There’s nothing like a good feeling of accomplishment to start your day.

that company view


As the first few days flew by, I was graciously eased into my responsibilities: answering calls, responding to e-mails, making announcements on the intercom. I was filling the role well. So well, in fact, by Monday I was officially welcomed into the family:


The boss man, as do most employees, came over and initiated very clever small talk. Just as he was about to leave, he asked to make an announcement, “Has anyone explained ‘Code Nerf’ to you yet?” I shook my head no with a smile; I had a feeling I knew where this was going… “Dial the intercom and I’ll walk you through it.” I picked up the phone. He said calmly, “Say ‘Code Nerf: 0’.” “Code Nerf: 0” I repeated calmly. He continued, “Now count down from 3.” I took a breath, “Three… Two…” I paused for an extra moment adding a bit of suspense; I could hear feet scurrying and plastic pieces clicking. “… .One.” Just as I hung up the phone, suddenly everyone came from all sides!!! I was ambushed!

that company the crew


I could tell I was really going to like this place. It was only Wednesday and I felt a part of the family.


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Thursday and Friday approached and my responsibilities grew to include assisting the PPC and SEO departments with reports and 150-180 word blogs. Yet, the games had merely begun. I am now a part of daily Foosball showdown with the Sales team as well as hearing all about who has the new high score in the arcade room; specifically, on Centipede.


I look forward to posting more about my time here at That! Company. So much has happened in just my first week, next week’s agenda is just as much a mystery as a baby’s smile to a group of hard working adults.


I hear there will be a company picnic soon. With all this beautiful Florida weather, who wouldn’t want to be outside?!


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