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A Guide to the Brand Manifesto

A brand manifesto is an important component for organizations who are committed to creating a meaningful brand.

Often described as a “Rallying Cry”, the Brand Manifesto serves to establish emotional engagement and connection with your stakeholders.

It is a public declaration of your brand values and promises.


It sets the expectations that your members should have from your brand. It also serves as a guide for creating consistent brand experiences within your organization, amongst your employees and throughout your brand touch points.


A Brand Manifesto must be relevant, authentic, and engaging. An insincere declaration can cause more harm than good. An organization must deliver on its Brand Manifesto or risk the consequences.

Your Brand Manifesto should set you apart, yet your members should relate to it. Its message must speak to the dreams and goals of those who come into contact with it. It should serve as the bridge between your values and theirs. It lets your members know you understand what they care about, and are committed to meeting those needs.


The following questions should drive your Brand Manifesto:


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  1. What do you believe in?

  2. What do you NOT believe?

  3. What were some lessons that you have learned in the past few years?

  4. What do you wish your members knew about you?

  5. What do you do consistently?

  6. What do you wish every employee in your organization focused on?
  7. What tone are you trying to set?
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