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Adwords GEO Targeting

Adwords GEO Targeting

Have you ever wondered what the best targeting options were for you? Google offers many targeting options to help you reach the right traffic to grow your business. You do not want to show your ads out of your businesses limitations, so knowing these options will benefit you greatly.

  • Countries – if your business has the option to ship or can service areas within multiple counties to large areas, this is the setting for you. This will allow your ads to receive greater exposure by targeting a larger area, such as the US or Canada. If you do not service the entire area, this is not the option you need to use.

  • Areas within a Country – this is a more precise form of targeting. If your business only services specific regions or cities, you have to option to select those specific areas with this form of targeting. These may still be larger areas, but not as large as a country. In this targeting you can select from Metro Areas, Cities, Counties and Postal Codes. This allows you to target only the areas you want within a specific region to optimize your marketing.

  • Radius Targeting – this is also known as proximity targeting. This type of targeting allows you to target a certain area around your business, and you can use multiple radius’s if you have more then one office to target around. If you only have the capabilities to service 30 miles from your office, you can set a radius of 30 miles and maximize your marketing efforts effectively. This allows you to get a much better targeted area than with cities, counties, regions or countries.

Setting the proper targeting is essential to a well performing campaign. This gets your ads to the proper traffic, and increases the chances for converting, maximizing your marketing spend effectively.

Written by: Bobby Ballash – Director of PPC

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