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An AdWords Reseller Dream Come True

Are you a marketing company who is and/or wants to become an AdWords reseller? Do you have clients with specific needs but lack expertise in this area? Do you need to partner with an internet marketing company who fully understands Google’s pay-per-click system and can provide you sales support? That! Company is your solution! We offer a variety of white label services including PPC, SEO and Social Media. If it’s online marketing, then you have come to the right place.

When You Need White Label Services

Whether you are a small advertising firm without the resources for online marketing and advertising, a more traditional firm who offers print and television campaigns who wants to offer more to your customers, or a firm who is over capacity and needs to outsource certain services, you want to be sure you partner with a company who offers timely and quality work – as well as exceptional customer service – without sacrificing the reputation of your company.

With our white label services, we support you and take the time to educate your client, all under your name. When we brand reports, communicate with your client, or present the final product we do so under your brand and company name. We’ll even work with you to set up our emails to be the same as yours for a consistent, branded experience for your clients.

Why an AdWords Reseller Chooses That! Company

We offer sales support services that are not offered by other white label PPC Management companies. We not only give you the knowledge you need to sell AdWords, we’ll represent you on the phone with your prospects. We’ll help you set proper client expectations and walk them through what they’ll be receiving as part of the service. This will allow you to focus on what you do best; while leaving the pay-per-click sales pitch and production work to us.

Additionally, we offer competitive rates that allow you to make a decent margin when working with us. Most importantly, we retain our customers and achieve results for them. In turn, this allows you the opportunity to upsell your clients into your core services now that you have an extra touch point producing success for them. It is a domino effect, and the value you get for your money is priceless. It is great to know that you can make a profit as an AdWords reseller while working with us to provide exceptional results.

Whether you seek us out for SEO, PPC, Social Media or something more, we provide a full suite of services to ensure satisfaction for all parties involved. This helps to boost your reputation with your client. Make the right choice as an AdWords reseller and consider That! Company as your partner in online marketing.


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