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Adwords Tips From PPC Pros!

One of the most commonly asked questions that I get is “What tips do you have for someone just starting out in Pay Per Click?”. My first tip is to hire someone that knows what they are doing. But for those of you that are determined to tackle this for yourself…here is a short list of tips to help you through.

  1. Visit Your SQR (Search Query Report) often. By visiting your SQR’s you can develop a useful list of negative keywords to utilize in each of you campaigns. Negative keywords can help you cut back unnecessary spend in your Adwords account which can be used for terms more likely to convert and bring in additional leads or sales.

  2. Be Relevant When Building Your Account. Relevance is key to building a productive campaign. I always tell people “Make your Ad Groups relevant to your campaign…make your keywords relevant to your Ad Groups…make your ad variations relevant to your keywords…and make your landing page relevant to your ad variations.”. If you follow this simple rule you will benefit with higher Quality Scores, lower CPC’s and greater conversions.

  3. Do Competitor Research. Competitor Research can help you through your growing pains much faster by utilizing information that they have already learned. Through 3rd party software you can learn search terms that your competitors are already using and spending money on. Chances are if your competitors are spending money on a keyword, it must be working for them. There is a lot to be learned through competitor research.

  4. Pay Attention To Your Analytics Account. By visiting your Analytics account you can view things such as “Time on Site”, “Pages per Visit” and “Bounce Rate” statistics. These statistics can be viewed down to the keyword level. This will help you determine which keywords are performing well, and which ones are worth getting rid of.

  5. Set Your CPA (Cost per Acquisition). Always set your CPA before you launch your account. This is something that you can always change later on down the line, but to start you should always have a good idea of your “make or break” point. If you find that certain keywords are exceeding this set CPA it may be time to pause those keywords.

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