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Are you being hidden, blocked or unfriended?

Are you being too political with your Facebook page? With two weeks left until election day, it seems as though Facebook (political) posts are on the rise. Although Facebook is a SOCIAL network and it is usually a forum for people to announce their every move, every, thought, their every everything it might not be the right platform for political opinions. It literally could be bad for business. Fans of your brand or company page know of a little function on Facebook called “hide.” They also know how to block and unfriend. A recent study by Pew Research Center showed that nearly 1 in 5 users have either blocked, unfriended or hidden someone over politics. By using the hide button, fans can choose not to see your posts anymore. If you are a brand that is utterly driven by numbers you must realize engagement with you (your brand or company) will be affected if your fans chose any of the three before mentioned options. And, if they hide you now, they might not remember to unhide you after the election is over. Just a little something to keep in when you’re deciding on a politically driven post. unfriended

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