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Avoid SEO Campaign Mistakes

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Three Simple Mistakes To Avoid When Launching an SEO Campaign

Avoid SEO Campaign Mistakes
The thought of getting started on your SEO campaign can seem like a daunting task to a digital marketing newbie. You encounter so much jargon that sounds so unfamiliar: words like backlinking, meta titles, title tags and disavowing. It can be a little overwhelming. In these early stages, mistakes can be made. These mistakes could undermine your efforts. In this article I’m going to give you three simple mistakes to avoid to set your SEO campaign on the path to ranking your site.

The first mistake to avoid is having an unreliable site. Content will always be king, but if search engine bots can’t crawl your amazing original content, then it can’t be indexed and ranked accordingly. To make sure your site is being crawled, cruise the internet, find your site on search engines, and click the links to make sure everything is working properly. Doing this will confirm your site is being indexed.

The next mistake to avoid is using words people don’t search for. The keywords and phrases you need to focus on aren’t t just the words themselves, but how people are searching for them. For example, you wouldn’t just focus on “Lake Minnetonka;” you would want to target what people are searching for, such as“how big is Lake Minnetonka” or “things to do around Lake Minnetonka.” If you do not, people are not going to find your website.

The last mistake to avoid is not implementing some kind of analytics, such as Google Analytics. You need to have analytics in place to identify exactly what is converting. Just because a keyword is driving more traffic doesn’t necessarily mean it deserves more focus in your SEO efforts than other keywords. For instance, if you have a lower volume keyword with a higher conversion rate, then that keyword holds more value. This can often be the case, because when users search lower volume keywords, they are looking for something more specific and therefore more likely to convert. But if analytics are not in place, you won’t know what is working and what isn’t.

So in all the madness of getting your SEO campaign up and running, make sure none of these mistakes become part of it. Make sure your site is crawlable, that you are focusing on how people search, and that you are tracking which of those searches are converting. Remembering these important points can help your SEO campaign get off on the right foot.

— Jacob Sprague, Marketing Advisor


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