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Bounce With Me!

You’re browsing online for a new sports grill to go to and you come accross a Google-ad displaying, in the first line, ” Top 10 Sports Grills”. You click on the ad and a page opens that has ten pictures of barbecue grills displaying team logos. Cool, but not what your looking for… {back arrow one page}. Let’s try again; you now click an ad that displayed “Find Sports Grill Near You”. Sounds right up your alley… nope. You’ve landed on a page with some really nice cars/trucks and NFL teams on the front of chromed-out, you guessed it, grills. Good luck on finding your sports grill and making it to happy hour in time; I made my point.

Those two websites that you clicked on unfortunately wasted their money on you clicking their site and you’re most likely not the first. In addition to other users searching and not finding that great sports grill they’re looking for, their “bounce rate” (immediately leaving a site’s first page with no further navigation) has just taken another jump for the worse.

There are many reasons for a poor bounce rate (about 50% and up) including this example of ads with poor positive and/or negative keywords. Be sure to keep your ad-text relevant to the traffic you want, maintain interesting landing pages, constantly use your analytics to monitor all these factors for what you see your audience gravitating to or away from, and if bounce rate really matters to you have more than one page on your site.

Written By:  Glen Burton

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