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Combining Facebook API with Facebook Exchange for the win.

It has been shown in a four-month study of an online retailer that targeting customers with Facebook Exchange remarketing ads were more effective when combined with traditional Facebook ads. By using them together, the online retailer was able to generate 89 percent more in sales revenue than by using remarketing through non-Facebook channels. The way Facebook Exchange ads work is that they are targeted by cookies placed on a user’s browser when they visit a website that has hired one of Facebook’s partner platforms. Facebook will see the cookie when the person returns to Facebook and it will then show the ads on the right-hand column of the site.

Bids are placed to have the remarketing ads show up much like the traditional ads. Currently Facebook has not integrated the current API with Facebook exchange. However, once people click on the traditional ads to go to the company’s website they will pick up the cookie and become eligible to be retargeted through a separate Facebook Exchange campaign. Capitalizing on the combination of the traditional Facebook ads and the remarketing ads will maximize conversions.

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