Consumers and brands join forces to benefit the social good.

Last Updated on July 13, 2017

Bolder is a new website that brings businesses and people together and inspires them to take action that will affect social change. The website was featured on the Mashable Blog.

This is how the site works. Participating businesses challenge people to do something good. For example, the challenge could encourage consumers to buy local or reuse their old shopping bags.

Individuals can login at via Facebook Connect to complete challanges in return for a reward. The reward could be a discount on the company’s products and services. The collobration between brand and consumer serves two purposes. Not only does the partnership serve a public relations push for the brand but it also achieves certain marketing goals, such establishing a brand identity. The idea is to help boost sales for the business while at the same time benefiting society.

Bolder post one challenge each week. Here are few past challenges

Challenge: Whole Foods Market Palo Alto issued the challenge to eat a piece of fruit. Reward: 1lb of Organic Fuji Apples.

Challenge: TIMBUK2 issued the challenge make a car trip a bike trip. Reward: $20 off a custom bag, handmade in SF.


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