Content Marketing

Last Updated on September 14, 2018

content marketing
Content marketing is the systematic process of posting and sharing information about the products or services that you offer in the digital spaces that you own. Whether it be your website proper or an external blog that links to a landing page, these are the locations for you to get your information out to the individuals who are looking for you. There are people searching for what you offer right?

In reality, simply posting informational content is only the beginning. First the content should be engaging and offer value to the reader. Second, the page on which it appears should provide a clear means for conversion with calls to action that are noticeable and easy to understand. Finally, assuming that your content is reachable for consumption by the search engines, each new installment should also be pushed in to the social spaces.

So when does this content phase end? It doesn’t. Content marketing should be an ongoing effort running concurrent with email, search engine optimization and social media campaigns.

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Written By: Jeff Harrison – SEO

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