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Content Marketing and Vine: ADD Advertising

There are so many avenues a company can explore to get product exposure these days; between Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, and even less notable web sites such as Instagram or Pintrest, conventional marketing seems to almost be a thing of the past for many brands. However, many companies still manage to overlook one huge means of social media marketing: the application known simply as “Vine.”

This smartphone application allows users to upload six second clips of whatever they choose, whether it be a moment from a concert or a cleverly arranged series of one second long clips. Vine is a whole new way for peers to interact through social media, and some companies are beginning to jump on board. You might ask yourself- “How can a company get its message across effectively with only a six second clip?” Admittedly, it does require a different approach than conventional marketing and advertisement, but there are clear advantages; the biggest one being the fact that a consumer is a lot more likely to view your advertisement if it is only 6 seconds long and provides some kind of visually appealling hook.

One example of this is Oreo’s “#SnackHacks” campaign, where they illustrate different unique ways to “hack” their cookie, such as mixing the crumbs with milk in ice cube trays and freezing them, making “cookie cubes” for chocolate milk or coffee. A campaign like this not only gets the name out there in a unique way, but it also engages the consumer directly and encourages them to participate. Other examples include Honda’s “#WantNewCar” campaign, where consumers Tweet in and officials from Honda respond via Vine. The possibility of real time customer service or troubleshooting is virtually limitless through this avenue. The best thing about Vine from a marketing perspective is the ability to get the consumer directly involved, like what the clothing retailer ASOS did with their “Unboxing” campaign. A simple stop motion video of someone opening their new shoes and purse from ASOS with the hashtag #ASOSUnbox sparked a train of people following suit and created free exposure for their company. The key in marketing through Vine is keeping it simple, catchy, and memorable.

Written By: Adam Beldyk – M.A.D

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