Conversion Path Optimization

conversion path optimization
The conversion path is the sequence of pages visited and links clicked by a visitor to your website that leads to a successful transaction being completed.  If you’re spend­ing money to drive users to your site, you should also be mak­ing sure that those users are con­vert­ing. This can be done by opti­miz­ing the entire path, from the key­word to the ad to the land­ing page, in a process I like to call Path Opti­miza­tion. Path Opti­miza­tion means that you are opti­miz­ing both your acquisition-driven SEM cam­paigns and conversion-driven land­ing pages, together. This cov­ers a user’s entire path from the search engine through to the land­ing page conversion.


Website visitors follow many different paths before, eventually, a frustratingly small percentage will go on to become customers. These paths are hard to visualize, because they rarely represent linear journeys. Many visitors will visit a website several times before making a purchase, probably looping back and forth between pages in what seems, to the website designer at least, a totally illogical pattern.


The key to designing a successful conversion path begins with defining the expectations that you hope to fulfill.  Don’t just be aware of the expectations you are setting pre-click; be decisive and blatant about the promises you make and have a plan in place to follow through.



5 ways to insure you are setting user expectations correctly:

  • Message match
    Is your ad copy reflected in your landing page headline or sub-headline?  Write a headline that reinforces the user’s decision to click into your path.
  • Branding alignment
    Does the color scheme of the page match the banner ad upstream?  Insure the user doesn’t have to second-guess if they’re in the right place.
  • Be honest
    Are you getting clicks with tricky link text or deceiving images?  The quality of the click is more important than the click itself.
  • Uncover the details
    Is your page cluttered with extra navigation and unintentional bailout links?  Eliminate any elements that don’t support the next step in your path.
  • Outline what’s next
    Is it obvious what the user is committing to do?  Make clear what’s about to happen, “Get a quote in less than 10 minutes” or  “Sign up now to start your free trial” or “3 easy steps to register”




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