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A Day in the Life of That! Company PPC Reporter

My primary duty every morning is preparing PPC reports for our client managers for the clients they contact on that particular day. Not only is TH@T! Company dedicated to improving our client’s online advertising results; whether it is conversions, site traffic, or any goal a client is wanting to achieve, we want to provide them with detailed reports to show the progress we are making. As with anything you have some valleys leading to the top of the mountain, so we do not hide those valleys. They can be indicators of customer trends or changes that didn’t quite work the way it was hoped to so we learn from the valleys.

Google is the major player in search engine use but they aren’t the only one out there. We provide reporting to our clients for any and all search engines they are utilizing. We adapt the data from Bing, Amazon, Facebook, and others to meet the needs of the client. Customization of the report layout makes for ease of reading and understanding. If a client wants to have a special result reported we go to all lengths to see if the data is available and include it with their weekly reports.

TH@T! Company is here for our client’s every need, from the first keyword to the last graph on their reports.

Written by: Gary Harvison – PPC

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