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Followers on Snapchat: How to Engage Your Fans

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One of the hottest platforms out there, with over 100 million active users is Snapchat and to be frank, it is also one of the most overlooked platforms as well. Snapchat is perfect for companies that have a message to share to their consumers and clientele. If your goal is to move customers to your website, this might not be the app for you. However, if your brand has a story to tell, this app platform may be the perfect fit for you to boost your social signaling and brand awareness.

Creating a Snapchat Story for Your Business

When creating your Snapchat story, it’s important to showcase your brand in a unique manner that is individualized to your followers. This can range from creative storytelling, fascinating adventures around your state, country or globe, going to concerts, meeting up with hot celebrities to boost your brand or message, or going out to the general public to get feedback to post and share. It’s all about finding your brand’s creative edge over the competition, to bring people in your Snapchat door and have them stick around. It’s critical to tell a story of your brand by posting videos or photos from conferences or meetings that represent your brand.

When on Snapchat, it’s critical that you are natural with your message, aren’t too pushy with your advertising, and engage your users with fascinating content. Snapchat makes it incredibly easy for users to swipe through stories, so it’s dire that your story is captivating and fast-paced to keep your user’s full attention. The last thing that you want is for someone to land on your story and then skip right through it because it’s not upbeat enough for the millennial generation. To correctly use Snapchat, be liberal in your emoji use as well as filters. You want your users to be impressed with your creativity and make them want to stay on your story longer.

Tips for Making Your Snapchat Content Unique

With an abundance of unique content being posted on Snapchat every moment of the day, creating a story that will engage and build your audience can prove more difficult than you would believe. It’s all about gathering interesting material that boosts your message to your customers without shoving it in their faces. Snapchat is wonderful for the mere fact that you can find a story about any interest whether it’s food, travel, makeup tutorials, sports, drinking, fashion, and the list goes on and on.

Some suggestions to keep your content creative and upbeat:

  • Unique camera positions or camera angles
  • Fresh lighting, change it up
  • Emojis, emojis, emojis
  • Use those filters
  • Make them laugh
  • Tell an intricate, interpersonal story within ten seconds

Another aspect of advertising that is usual for on Snapchat is finding the right spokesperson to represent your brand, like Flo with Progressive. It’s a face everyone knows after enough exposure and a quirky attitude that touches the hearts of the whole country. When it comes to finding a spokesperson for Snapchat, find someone who already has a good following and really knows how to use the app to its fullest potential.


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You’re looking for social influencers whether it is a musician, comedian, actor or actress. The hot topic celebrities may have a good following but may not use the app to its fullest potential. It’s key to drive engagement and get a conversation going with your followers. The more they talk about you, the bigger you get. Whether you hire an agency or individual to handle your Snapchat platform, it’s critical to find someone who knows what to post. You want someone that is behind-the-scenes of everything and gives your followers an inside look at what your company does, is all about, and wants to achieve.

Gain Valuable Feedback with Snapchat

Snapchat stories can be a collection of photos and videos that are able to be viewed for a full 24 hours after being posted. This is a great way to drive engagement. Recently, Snapchat has allowed the feature of replying to snap stories. This means any one of your followers can pick a specific part of your story to reply to. This brings up a new chat window and starts a conversation between you and your follower. This is great for marketers because they can receive feedback first hand from their followers. This is a great way to measure how your campaign is doing and get instant feedback. Having this instant feedback is a great way to measure your social impact. Replying in return to your followers is a great way to keep people interested and the engagement high.

Other things you should do on Snapchat is open the snaps you get from your followers, respond to them, try to give your dedicated fans free stuff or feature them in your story. To really gain and keep a following on Snapchat, it is crucial to keep these social engagements coming in over and over. In conclusion, stay creative! Make your Snap stories unique, dynamic, and individualized. Keep your engagement high by responding. Hire an individual or company that can boost your message on this platform. Lastly, have some fun with it. If your enjoyment is evident to your followers, they’re more likely to stick around.

Author: L’Ren Knorr, SEO Coordinator

As an artist, L’ren finds beauty everywhere she goes. As a business professional, L’ren finds opportunities around every corner. L’ren Knorr has been with That! Company off and on for the past 6 years, doing a variety of different jobs and tasks to help the company grow and become a well-rounded individual herself. Currently, she is the head marketing manager for a variety of white labels, dabbling in PPC, SEO, SMM, and Email campaigns. When you come to the That! Company head quarters, you will find her art covering the walls of the entire building, as that is her true passion in life. Taking after her father, the CEO and founder of That Company, she is an entrepreneur as well, traveling around the state of Florida exhibiting and selling her artwork. All in all, she is a dedicated, hard-working, young woman with one goal in life: to honor God with everything she does. Feel free to tweet at her @lren_the_artist or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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