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Engagement Announcement! The Brand and Super Fan!


A lot of times clients want to know the numbers. How many new likes? How many shares or comments? Well, its not about the number. What really matters is engagement.Study after study is saying brands should focus on their core audience who engages with their Page.


Well if you need to know a number then the number is just about 6%. Studies show that 6% of fans engage with a brands Facebook page through likes, comments, polls and other means. The studies also found more likes doesn’t equate to more engagement. It actually showed brands who have more fans tend to have less engagement. One study specifically compared brands with fans between 900,000 to 1 million had 60% less engagement when compared to brands with 500,000 – 600,000 fans.


What drives engagement on a brand’s page appears to be the devoted, core fans. A Super fan can equal approximately 3.75 average fans. A Super fan likes on average 10 posts, will share 5 pieces of content and will comment at least once. They are also able to get an increased number of likes and comments on their posts when compared to average fans. They are assisting engagement of the brands page. Brands need to take into account what their fans are doing, saying. Growing the numbers, “what ever the number is Likes” , might be important but “X number talking about this” is more important. A brand can not lose sight of their existing fan base, that is ultimately the most important thing. Due to a tweak Facebook instituted to the EdgeRank algorithm, which specifies how much content appear in a users news feed, fan engagement may become even more important when reviewing the reports. Super fans can help broaden a brand’s reach on social networks. Are you helping your Super Fans help you?




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