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eTailers Need to Engage Adult Social Networkers

The holidays are coming. There is no denying it – Christmas decorations were displayed right next to the Halloween items. Retailers are gearing up for the holidays. Some big retail giants have announced starting “Black Friday” Thanksgiving night. I personally think that is a little crazy – but it is just my opinion. Data is showing that eTailers, online retailers, are slated to have a good holiday season considering they had a strong third quarter.

Normally as a shopper when you see “15% discount” you really don’t give it much thought. However when you are talking about a 15% increase in online retail spending you are talking close to a $42 billion dollar increase (year-over-year for 3rd quarter) – not as easy to give it no thought. Although online retailers are seeing this amazing, consecutive, growth – reports show that 48% of US consumers still rate the economy as “poor.”

With online shopping doing so well, retailers need to keep in mind that about 70% of active adult social networkers shop online and about 40% of them will use their mobile device for shopping. Online retailers need to ensure there is a mobile version of their Website. Retailers can easily loose customers if they don’t have a mobile accessible Website. They also need to realize who their target is. They might cater to younger people, but it is parents and possibly grandparents who are actually doing the buying. The 55 and older age group is a growing segment when looking at online purchases through mobile devices. This holiday season eTailers need to also look at their advertising campaigns – they need to engage the 70% of active adult social networkers who are shopping online. If they do a good job of engaging then they are very likely to have a very good quarter. Therefore eTailers need to look at their social media, PPC and SEO campaigns as well as ensuring the creative is relevant.

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