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Everybody Loves a Success Story

There are a lot of great things about being in the marketing field. I am going to focus on just one of them. It is a big one.

Last Friday, August 2nd, I watched a client go for a successful IPO. It really reminds me that when our clients succeed, it echos our success. Often I hear about people who have had good ranking changes or good leads, but it is even better when I speak to long term clients who have made a transition from being a one person shop to having 10 people working for them. When I speak to others who have had to change from a summer slowdown time to a summer normal time because the rest of the year has them very busy, it makes me proud. I speak to people who have turned their businesses around and are in a hiring and growth mode in a time when many businesses are still struggling to keep their doors open.

Last year, Dollarshaveclub (not our client but should be) released their first video on YouTube. (It is funny; go watch it when you get a chance.) One of the phrases the owner uses in the video after inquiring what one of his employees was doing last month, to which the response is “Not working…” The owner inquires, “What are you doing now?”, to which the response is… “Working”. This is the same good feeling that we get when we hear this type of response from our clients. When I hear that businesses and lives are feeling the effect of our efforts, it really makes me work even harder.

Written by: Brian Rider, Executive Director of SEO

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